After comic-store burnout, all it took to bring me back to Star Wars was to make it definitively a western, and for D&D it was to make it into a caper.

Strange New Worlds is the best season of Red Dwarf in quite a while.

Think of the smartest, most compassionate person you know, and what they would do.

Started the Obi Kenobi show. Too much intro/recap, not enough space kung fu.

Not only did I not know Vangelis was still alive, I didn't realize Vangelis was a person and not a group.

So I was out flying a kite yesterday - or rather, trying to fly a kite despite lack of wind - not because it was Children's Day in Japan, but flying kites on Children's Day is a thing.

But really, they fly koi windsocks (koinobori) but they're casually referred to as kites.

The Japanese word for kite is 凧, pronounced "tako."

So it's a fish tako.

My first SCA event was in May of 1993. In all that time, this is the first garb I have made.

Pulling up collar
Bold letters on street corners
Shout accusations

The streets know your sins
I didn't see anything
Why, what did you hear?

Her clear decision
Defined the wooden door's slam
I walk in the rain

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