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This is a drawing by Franz Kafka, probably of a 'guardian of the threshold', on the inside cover of a notebook with Hebrew vocab.

Copyright: Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, MS Kafka 33 inside front cover fol.

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western that's also about a father coping with having a terminally ill child. Tidhar is deeply interested in exploring trauma and its effects on both individuals and collectives, these books go some dark places, but they are also beautiful in others.
Pick it up! You won't regret

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Great deal on a bunch of ebooks by favorite living author, Lavie Tidhar. My two favorites in here are The Violent Century, which tells the story of WWII and the early years of the Cold War if intelligence agencies had access to superheroes, and The Escapement, a very weird+

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Is it vain? I don't care! Announcing THE BEST OF LAVIE TIDHAR @storybundle@twitter.com! Running for just 3 weeks, get 12(!) titles, including a special preview of NEOM! storybundle.com/bestof for just $25 for the lot!

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Are there folks here who know about Tarot? I know nothing but am curious. Interested in history (both of use and of the construction and illustration of the deck) and theory. Any recommendations? I prefer to read books, but if theres a great video, podcast or documentary, I'd be interested.

Since we're all doing this, I'm a historian of Judaism, Museum curator, parent and avid GM and player of RPGs. I expect to mostly use this space for gaming stuff, but I'm sure other parts of my life will creep in, whether it be medieval manuscript images or takes related to my professional life.

Image below from the Coberg Pentateuch 1390-1396, British Library Add 19776

Howdy, I was on here before the database crash, but never made my way back. Figured I'd see how the neighborhood has changed now that lots more folks are jumping on board.


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