A timelapse of stars moving in the sky over Nevada's Carson Valley, in convenient GIF form.

Cover illustration for a small game project with @stras that he took to Big Bad Con.

We reached our first stretch goal! Check out the update for info on our other stretch goals still to come AND a special surprise from Brie! Congrats Anders!

Another sample spread from within the rules reference.

A sample spread for inside the rules reference.

Since I've posted a little bit of the art I did for it, I figured I should post a pic of the ashcan copy of Roar of Alliance I took to Big Bad Con.

This game is a hybrid roleplaying and board game with no gm/facilitator role. The players work together to operate a tank during battles, facing down enemies running on simple scripts. In between battles, each player takes turns setting scenes in camp to relieve stress, get resources, and build morale for the next fight.

Turn is within spitting distance of its first stretch goal, and we have so many more exciting things to announce. Take a look:


Another illustration I made for the rough cut of Roar of Alliance I took to Big Bad Con. Here the crew prepares for battle...

Did a quick delete/repost to add descriptive alt text for the image.

Some art I did a few months back to support the ashcan version of my game Roar of Alliance at Big Bad Con. All freehand with brush pens and technical pens.

Teaching myself Adobe Animate this weekend. My first project: a graphic showing how lens aperture determines depth of field.

This morning I woke up at my sister's house, on the land I grew up on. This land is in a small, rural town in Pennsylvania, the roots of Turn. Do you want to see how far the branches can reach? Check out Turn on Kickstarter & help us reach stretch goals! kickstarter.com/projects/briec

The Late Bloomer for @briecs game Turn, now approaching the first stretch goal on Kickstarter: tinyurl.com/TurnKS

I wrote about identity in Turn, how my identity influenced the actual mechanics of the game, and what that means to me.


is definitely a cougar. Lots of fun running, jumping, and climbing trees.

If you lived in a small town, what animal form would you take to escape the pressures of your daily life? Tag your answer


The crescent moon about to set behind Pittsburgh's Mt Washington on Sunday evening.

My drawing of the Overachiever for @briecs game Turn, now on Kickstarter: tinyurl.com/TurnKS

We're fully funded, and we'd love to show you more of our stretch goals!

A photo from mid-October, of the Pleiades as seen from Nevada's Carson Valley.

(also, I'm back on dice.camp!)

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