Very pretty cat.

Valkyrie the cat, shot with a Pentax K-3 and Super-Takumar 35mm/f2. This antique lens wide open creates a very pleasant glow on the subject, while retaining sufficient sharpness for portrait work.

The art for this project started with drawings I did while unemployed and waiting for @briecs at their doctor's appointments. I'm really proud of what it grew into, and the game @stras designed around it.

Sometimes physical security is by popular decree.

The foreground object here is the lock panel on a steel gate in a local park. The locking mechanism is long rusted away, and only a simple latch now secures the opening.

I looking for a symbol/color for the health chips for the enemy tank crews in Roar of Alliance. I need a design/color combo that informs users of the meaning of the tokens (health counters for WW2 German tank crew members), without being too cool or using offensive symbols (because WW2 germany).

Any suggestions?

Only two and a half hours left to back the Homunculus Assembly Line! Only two and a half more hours of me posting about it on social media!

Hey y'all, John asked me some questions for the Kickstarter! We have a week left and $1kish to go - can you help us make this happen? You'll get some awesome art and game stuffffff! Please boost!

A reminder that this rad Kickstarter is still happening & could really use your help to succeed! John has written some awesome threads about the project on Twitter & gotta say I'm damn excited about it! We make cool stuff & do it well, help us do it again!

Homunculus Assembly Line by Brie Sheldon — Kickstarter

Thomas Novosel is on the Homunculus Assembly Line! What sort of strange monsters will he help us build? Find out!

Only two backer spots left for custom illustrations on the Homunculus Assembly Line! If you want a custom hand-drawn piece from me in your copy, don't miss your chance!

Alex Mayo in on the Homunculus Assembly Line, and I'm excited to see what kind of things he builds with us! Check out why he joined the project:

Have a drawing you want that you can describe in less than 500 characters? You can get your custom, physical original drawing from me by backing the Homunculus Assembly Line!

I'm really excited to be working with a fantastic group of artists for the Homunculus Assembly Line. See why @racerxmachina chose to be a part of the project!

Who wants to be our NICE backer on the Homunculus Assembly Line? We're sitting at 68 backers and over 25% funded.

We're 4 days in and nearly 25% funded!

If you want a variety of cool new art and RPG content from a diverse crew of artists, delivered in a handy home-made zine format, check out the Homunculus Assembly Line, on Kickstarter now!

I'm keeping an eye on the union-busting situation at Kickstarter, and taking my cues from the organizers, who are not yet calling for a boycott.

In the meantime, consider checking out:

Just a reminder to check out the cool experimental RPG art zine, Homunculus Assembly Line, on Kickstarter today!

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