Current prototype game board for my RPG Roar of Alliance. The game has a pretty big physical footprint, with this board plus character sheets, vehicle sheets, and crew position half-sheets on the table.

I believe Mandy Morbid, Hannah, Jennifer, and Vivka Grey. I believe the people that their abuser harassed, exploited, manipulated, silenced, and isolated. I believe the people who say there are more like him in our community.

( wording borrowed from @lumpley )

Red-Tailed Hawk perched in a tree as the sun sets.

Turn's Kickstarter provided us with many copies of Turn to give out to individuals & organizations that support marginalized people! Complete this form to enter to receive a copy when it is printed!

Turn "Bison" Community Copy Marginalized Recipient Form

Check out Turn here:

The surface of a lake, freezing toward the shore. I loved the low tones and rumbling sounds the waves made under the ice.

When I heard NPR talking about how "opening up Venezuela to US investors" would "help the people of Venezuela", I suspected that part of Venezuela's suffering was caused by US power (both capital and political) and the push to use US political, economic, and military force to intervene is largely for the sake of the US investor class.

My guess: a handful of billionaires stand to make a profit from a regime change in another hemisphere, and are willing to see millions starve to make it happen.

A lonely reminder in the forest, in case you need it.

"You're Perfect"

Long exposures of water, drawn soft like cotton or smooth like glass.

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

LRT: the best way to support people in their design (or any creative or intellectual endeavour, tbh) is to help an idea to become the fullest expression of itself, not what you feel it should be.

Stereoscopic gif, because I liked how the lens flare moves.

Lens flare over a fallen branch in a winter afternoon.

Can anyone recommend a set of good quality headphones? Show more

2019 Goals (in lieu of resolutions)
I'm omitting financial/career goals here.

Help @briecs deliver Turn (art, layout, printing, literal delivery).

Improve my recording space (reduce clutter, make a teleprompter, add some soundproofing).

Figure out if publishing Roar of Alliance is feasible, and crowdfund if it is.

Clean out some spaces in the house (I've got too much stuff - some is garbage, some should be donated, and some turned into cash).

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