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I'm keeping an eye on the union-busting situation at Kickstarter, and taking my cues from the organizers, who are not yet calling for a boycott.

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Another take in the series, which I really love but isn't as good for a profile image.

They said it was a halo, but I discovered it was a curse.

New profile image, self portrait with EL wire and timer.

Of course, this amplifies the relative effect of the remaining randomness (e.g., cards drawn by the players). It also changes the replayability model of the game - now there will be multiple separate campaigns to play through, capped off by the "random campaign" - the original play mode.

What does this do for the game? Why make this change?

It makes for more compelling "stories", in that the News and Terrain will always work in conjunction (e.g., if the News says there's legendarily bad weather, the terrain will be covered in water). Enemy vehicles will also be more suited to the terrain (e.g., no more encountering amphibious vehicles in fully dry areas).

By cutting randomness, Engagement difficulty will be more consistent, and player choices will matter slightly more.

Each campaign will be presented on a single playing card sized "campaign card" with the introductory text and questions on one side, and the News list and Engagement information (final terrain and selected enemies) on the other.

Assuming the layout accommodates that (though I am pretty confident it will).

This is a change from having a single campaign with randomized News cards, randomized terrain, and an encounter list that specified enemy strength but not which particular vehicles they'd use.

I'll have the rules for playing in that mode in the game still, but it will no longer be the default play mode.

It's been a while...

Let's talk about the changes I'm making to Roar of Alliance, my game of pulp WW2 tank crew action:

I'm re-working the game to feature multiple campaigns (rather than just one) with fixed orders of News cards and pre-determined terrain to match specific vehicle lists for the opposition.

Some clear, calm nights means a few new night photographs.

The Turn PDF is available to backers through BackerKit! It will go up for sale on DriveThru, Itch.io, and more later this week!

Print production starts soon!


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More monsters of the Murk, terrible things you'd hope never to encounter.

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