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Joshua A.C. Newman

@JoshuaACNewman I only know about Karma Biology, and I learned that from Culture Club

In case you missed it, I got a new calc this month & I'm digging it. To celebrate, I'm running a month-long sale: The coupon code "DM42" gets you 25% off of everything at But dally not, February ends next week!

Here's why I'm digging this calc so much:
• The Game Designer's Calculator:
• The Calculator's Game Design:

Overheard, my 12 year old: "ah, worlds. My favorite oysters."

usingf this computer. u can access ALL of the data on the computer

Ashadd Nash’s littler derringer blaster has a story behind it because, in Star Wars, things have a story behind them, and it’s not the make and model!

Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Universe Is Vast an Explores Back
ST II: SPACE PIRATES! Spock puts his money where his mouth is.
ST III: Compassion is a human* superpower!
ST IV: Compassion, bravery, & exploration combine to make us worthy of exploring the universe! And girls want to watch it with you!
ST>IV: ???

Note that Next Generation, with its (perhaps ill-implemented) hopes and dreams came out just after IV.

And that loss of thematic intention is how we get to the J.J. movies!

if anyone tells you the Cheetah MS-6 is a poorly-designed deathtrap that will electrocute you, well, that may well be true but, i connected a multimeter my korg polysix trigger input jack once and it said "238 volts AC"

I could listen to Del the Funky Homosapien all day.

Like, could he just read me a menu or something?

weird food/body imagery Show more

i love reading economic textbooks that say

- communism can't work because of scarcity
- capitalist is the theory of distribution under conditions of scarcity
- post-scarcity is technically achievable but that would be bad becaise then capitalism could no longer function
- we need capitalism because scarcity

do you see the flaw here

This morning I dropped my phone and had a moment of panic followed by sweet relief when I realized it wasn't my DM42. THAT'S WHERE I'M AT WITH THIS CALCULATOR!

If you look at the upper left corner of the calc's beautiful LCD (so crisp!) you can see the state I currently have loaded into the calc: TANDT.

I'm working on a suite of programs to help out with running T&T or playing solo adventures. It's not very math intensive, but I get to explore depths of the calc I otherwise might not have.

a generation so ironic it had to invent the interjection “real talk,”

Does karma work like electrons? If you make a karma hole, does someone with more karma lose some karma to that hole? Is there such a thing as karma potential?

The opportunities are coming fast and heavy and they are all so beautiful.

I won't ask for your thoughts and prayers, as that seems to get people shot. But I'll ask you to hold some of my karma for a little while until some of this comes true, then I'll hold the karma of anyone else who needs a leg up.

Pay forward your karma!

Shit is getting REAL.

There's a trailer before Black Panther for Janelle Monaé's new album and "Emotion Picture", Dirty Computer.


You know how someone's art just inspires you sometimes? Alex Ries makes me want to draw all day.

In celebration, I think I'm going to CLEAN it!

Gotta get some new stickers, too.

every goddamn sci fi story that is set in a future where you can download yourself into arbitrary bodies completely fuCKing misses the point by having everyone waltzing around in vanilla ass human bodies