Seeking feedback on , my new RPG. It's an Apocalypse World hack where the apocalypse is the death of everything and everyone magical in a fantasy human empire.

(Please share, if you're so inclined.)

TL;dr: the Donner Party first ignored rabbit and potatoes left by the wel mel ti (Northern Washoe), then shot at them when they tried to bring them a deer to feed them.

When the wel mel ti saw them eating each other, they watched, but never again approached, which, well, you can see how they might do that.

(@lumpley check it!)

Computer-touchers: I like touching computers. I know a little about a lot and a lot about a few things (mostly web development in HTML/CSS/JS, Python, and PHP).

If I want to get a full-time job touching computers, what skill should I focus on, in your opinion?

I've been having an unnerving string of successes building these synthesizers. It really feels like space exploration.

For the anniversary of Kristalnacht leftist Jewish protesters are marching against fascism

is garfield's full name Garfield Arbuckle

Hey, I made a code repository for the Auduino2 synthesizer code! If you want to load it into an Arduino of any sort, I'd love to see what you make with it, and what weird sounds come out!

(If you're into all the weird things I make, from roleplaying games to alien life illustrations to languages and monsters, back me up at !)

In a rush to join Evan for Kerbal Space Program, I shot this video to show why I was running late.

SCION is only missing one feature now before its firmware is published! And the feature is so minor, I might just strip it out. This is the first time I've actually started an OSS project, and, like so much OSS, it's developing on someone else's abandoned work.

Probs gonna make my first Instructable for the project, even!

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folks please stop RTing screenshots of antisemitic Gab memes to "show everyone that Gab is bad"

Only thing keeping me sane today is synthesizers.
SCION is the replacement for the lost BRIGAND. It features voltage control and, I hope, adjustable parameter sensitivity.

(Into weird synthesizers? Help me make more! )

imagine if the video game industry had instead grown out of sedate turn-based games on teleprinters at work to the character displays of early home microcomputers, instead of violent and noisy arcade machines designed for children and people in bars? maybe we'd have got high-quality high-res but slow-moving graphics earlier on, no sprites, (slow) 3D rendering takes off earlier? Doom released looking like Doom but playing like Myst? Nintendo still only make toys?? Philips CD-i a wild success?????

Inkalamu, the Lion Emerald, would return to the Waters of the Underworld, who wore it as a diadem before being stolen by miners.

Played Murderous Ghosts: The 2017 Halloween Party edition tonight, and it rocked.

It feels just like the one-on-one game, except the non-MC players share control of the lone explorer.

The hook is the you're an urban explorer in an abandoned mansion, and inside that mansion are ghosts that want to murder you.

It's available on @lumpley's Patreon (, and it's a delight.

It's absolutely not experienced as an attempt to "understand the Jewish roots of Christianity" or to "share the good news." It comes across as appropriation, erasure, and replacement. Full stop.

Just as Jews are more than a religious group (we are an ethnos) so too antisemitism is more than anti-Judaism. The #PittsburghShooting wasnt merely an anti-religious hate crime. Jews are murdered for being Jews whether religious or not. Neither atheism nor conversion has saved us

A “messianic synagogue” is a Christian church. The “rabbi” at Pence’s event today is a cosplaying Christian.

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