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Joshua A.C. Newman

I wonder if there’s Thumbkin fandom

Cry “Havoc!”, and let slip the hounds of love

@lumpley it looks like we started cultivating grains because we had already been making bread for some 4000 years!

It sure is interesting how the DoJ bookended the Trump-Putin summit with relevant indictments, huh?

Cool, cool, cool cool cool


Maria Butina charged with “Conspiracy to Act as an Agent of a Foreign Government”

Charges include exploiting “personal connections with U.S. persons having influence in American politics”


Two Documentaries Introduce Delia Derbyshire, the Pioneer in Electronic Music

No YOUR drunk at a science fiction convention with your frjends

What if, instead of alternating turns, you can only get x moves ahead of your opponent before they go? Usually it’s 1 (that’s taking turns).

The delay time between action and response is an interesting variable. It makes feedback ina sound system, makes it so Capitalism can’t work, makes it so political perpetrators can blame those who try to repair the fpdamage they caused, then cause more.

pleased to announce you can now support cybrespace by buying :dragnpats: stickers:

we also have :florp: stickers and if dbh ever accepts the design we'll have logo and logo-inverse stickers soon

I'm not as radical as I used to be.

I think my views are mostly the same, I'm just older now, and so they following generations are carrying flags further than I could.

It's a good thing... even when I don't fully agree/understand.

I’ve been working on a low-frequency oscillator, trying to get an interesting, non-square wave out of an inverting Schmitt trigger.

Last night I found a danceable beat!

If you're planning to cross the U.S. border, it's more important than ever to know your rights. Print and take along a copy of our handy border search pocket guide:

But the measure of a life isn’t in excitement, whether we find a burning car to pull someone out of. We can all change the world with small actions, minute by minute. Buying, calling, voting — or not.

And of inestimable power: the kind word, or the harsh one.

Most of the stories we tell about triumphing over evil involve swords and guns and Chosen Ones, because diplomacy and workaday bureaucracy aren’t exciting to read about.

The dark side to this is that we know perfectly well that we are not the Chosen One, and that absolves us of striving to be great. Our job is to wait around for the special one to rise up.

But nobody’s coming, blossoms. Turns out we have to save ourselves.

A lot of fiction revolves around a Chosen One: the farm boy who is the secret king, or the one in the prophecy, the one who learns they can do magic.

On the surface this looks like a fantasy that any of us could achieve greatness.