You might think Björk is an electronic art hero of mine because of her music.

But no.

It’s because of this video.

@JoshuaACNewman this and the cat husband music video are peak artistry

@JoshuaACNewman I bought Post many years ago but never listened to much else by Björk. Anything you’d recommend? Should I just start at the end and get the latest album? @vivaizix

@kensanata @vivaizix It’s how I always like to roll. Art isn’t a commodity. It’s the byproduct of an artist learning stuff.

Even artists who are performers like Björk would always rather be experimenting than generating hits. It’s Capitalism that makes us constrain our innovation.

When you listen to an artist in chronological order, you hear (through the filter of commercial speculation) what they thought was interesting at the time and how it echoes throughout.

@JoshuaACNewman I guess I’m a much more casual – consumer, I guess. I mean, I do appreciate how The Cure changed over the years, having been a big fan for thirty years, and also seeing the influences of Punk and Rock, but then also the settling in the one thing they do best, if I’m honest, but then also maybe me no longer caring that much. We’ll. Music has to work both on the intellectual and visceral level for me (as a consumer). Food for thought. Thanks!

@kensanata @vivaizix Sure! I became deeply "eh" about The Cure after a while. It might have been their perennial "This is our last album" statements that made me feel like either they didn't know what they were doing, or they did, and either way I didn't think it was fair to ask me to care.

So, yeah, I hear you. There are bands I'll always stan for (Wire), but it's because they always speak to me, even when they don't (at which point, I'm like, "Oh, that's where they're at now.")

@JoshuaACNewman @kensanata it's rare i have the attention span or interest to give an artist a real hard listen like that!
tho I'm a bjork fan, i couldn't name any albums or songs, I'll just look her up now and then and surf through stuff. but now i'll keep her in mind for the next time the mood strikes. sort of like the difference between watching an episode of a show here or there vs binge watching

@vivaizix @kensanata I think she's a great artist for that, actually. She's incredibly prolific.

@JoshuaACNewman @kensanata yeah i never felt bothered that i didn't listen to her start to finish because she also works well just listening to whatever strikes you because each is very beautiful, and none have really jumped out as a 'hit'. a lot of electronic or math rock i'll listen to this way too, like i was big into tame Impala and GYBE but again, couldn't name an album or song if you paid me

@JoshuaACNewman @kensanata oh, like mitski.. i love her music so much but oh one day out of the past few months, i had it in me to listen to her whole new album (which I'm glad i did)

i tend to stick to the same songs rather than artists, because they build up a sort of soundtrack to my life momentum.

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