Hey, nerds! I work at an alternative school in Holyoke, MA, where 31% of people live below the poverty line. I teach electronics & other technical art to mostly minority, mostly poor kids.

Can you get my students some tools & materials?

@JoshuaACNewman I think it's deceptive to use a statistic about Holyoke when talking about Lighthouse, a private school with an annual tuition of over $10k/year per child. Many families in Holyoke don't even earn $10k in a year (even though if they're making minimum wage their annual income should be higher 🤔)

You aren't raising funds for the free tech education done by Holyoke Codes, or for supplies at Morgan or HHS where the impoverished kids actually attend school

@shel Few of the kids pay full tuition, and many not at all. That’s the point. Many of our kids are at Lighthouse instead of HHS (or other local high schools) because they’re otherwise kicked out of school altogether and this is the only school that will take them.

Please be careful with “it’s deceptive” when talking about this kind of thing. You’re talking about a fragile institution with barely enough money to survive, maximizing resource use for the students who have the least.

@JoshuaACNewman It would still be better to use statistics about Lighthouse than Holyoke in general; or to mention that Lighthouse provides free to subsidized education.

@shel Yo, I get limited characters to say these things, and my priority is getting resources to my kids, not somehow explaining the whole institution (and my feelings about HHS vis-à-vis the School to Prison Pipeline) in a toot.

The poverty rate at LightHouse is, if I recall (and I don’t have this in writing and was posting in the middle of the night, so I couldn’t ask) about 50%. The school population is 65-75% minority (depending on when you measure — there are only 45 students).

@shel I’d appreciate it if you could help get my students some materials.

@JoshuaACNewman sorry for making assumptions. It's just like, a touchy subject with Holyoke where the statistics are used to talk about Poor Holyoke but then aren't advocating for organizations trying to help the community. "Neighborhood revitalizing projects" and the like.

@shel Yeah, we're elbows deep, fighting some hardcore ugliness. I have multiple students who are straight-up geniuses, trapped by school-to-prison bullshit, religious fundamentalist parents, and a history of having to scrape their own dignity back up off the sidewalk.

So, seriously: buy my students some tools and get other people to, too.

@shel we know each other? Are you just hitting Holyoke's Wikipedia page, or are you actually around here somewhere?

@JoshuaACNewman ah yes of course hehe of course we both went there given this interaction lol

I was F12. There's a significant population of Hampshire alumni on here mostly from F07-F13 and mostly people who worked on The Omen.

@shel The Omen was cofounded by my friend Jon, btw. It amazes me that the Omen, of all fucking things, is the one institution that remains at Hampshire.

@JoshuaACNewman lmao oh shiiiiit @silby @rowan @FStewartT we have an Omen Original on here. It’s wild how the Omen went from a right-libertarian publication in the 90s to a far left publication and then basically became an art collage zine without much political content at all.

@shel @FStewartT @rowan @JoshuaACNewman it wouldn’t call it right-libertarian, just teenager-contrarian, which is different

@JoshuaACNewman @rowan @FStewartT @shel anyway per policy the Omen has no ideology whatsoever so

@silby @JoshuaACNewman @rowan @shel yeah the omen's ideology is The Democracy Of Showing Up or whatever

@JoshuaACNewman @silby @rowan @shel 'shit-stirring' might be the only consistent Omen ideology, and also is probably why it's lived so long

@silby @rowan @FStewartT @shel Yeah, Jon was a shit-stirring enthusiast. I wasn’t super into the rag. Too cranky-at-the-wrong-people.

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