Without googling, name five characters in your RPG that aren't the campaign villain.

No, don't *tell* me; this is GMing advice, not clickbait.

Concept: Dungeons as the "winning" culture.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, lives in buried / fortified / both settlements that are continually feuding and raiding one another.

Lorekeepers and such say that it wasn't always so, but that was in the deep ancient times, when "elf" and "orc" were things you might be, not just like elfic eye shapes or green blood being "orcen", or the Gnomish Weaving Revival.

The ruins of Gaerborin Keep are another reminder of the great war at the fall of the elven empire.

The inner keep is broken, the back wall and palace completely destroyed, craters of shattered stone and stagnant water reminders of the assault...


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My new mecha microgame project is at least a reality.

Alpha 1 of Aldeus is now on Itch!


Made me some chesslikes in preparation for 3d printer arriving.

Also, re: "Yes, but" results:

What I wouldn't give for someone smarter than me to boil down "What makes for a hollow victory" into principles applicable to a resolution system.

"You get what you want but it's rendered worthless in the act" is some shit I would love to to git gud at throwing down as a fail state.

If you're playing Diplomacy, but everyone gets a funny hat and a character name which others must use, is it a Tabletop RPG, a LARP with a prop map, or a trollish question?

Let's say a game mechanic could have the results:

Yes, and (bonus)
Yes, but (there's a problem)
No, but (consolation goodie)
No, and (problem)

OR it could have the same results except replace the "Yes, But" with "Yes, IF".

Which would be "Success if you accept this problem, failure if you don't".

Added choice, more handling time.

Your preference?

I have a (small, resin) 3D printer coming next week, so, uh:

How do and where get STL files? What software easy? I know about thingiverse; that's basically all.

My suggestions:

First off all I love your game!!!!! so unique! But here's how to fix it:

* make it less unique
* make it exactly like every other game
* why isn't your game this other game that I already have? fix pls

Test #2; some resizing and a little redrawing; definitely a better grid.

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It's not going to win any awards for gorgeousness, but the surprising thing about a singing pig, and all that.

Trying to sort out how to make nice thin grid lines in my font maker; I'd like to build a spinoff of the Aethership font that takes the same character string and gives you *deck plans.*

Long gun is long.

(All glyphs spaces now filled in the gun font; some results are goofy, but hey. Now refining and prepping glyph guide.)

Junior will be turning three this summer, and we've been trying to focus on getting her toys that are durable and with some classics mixed in with new stuff - more wood than plastic, and she's got Peppa Pig figures but also an old-school Radio Flyer tricycle (and likely wagon, eventually).

This has led to me realizing I need to buy a couple bottles of Crown Royal, just to give her the bags.

Ukuleles are just mandolins for gnomes and halflings

Change my mind

Plugging away at the font o' steampunky guns, and man, pages and pages of RPG guns have left me with a skewed and particular sense of "What looks right". I've never even been a significant enthusiast about them, just straight osmosis.

Watching Strange New Worlds, and the style construction put into making a modern-but-70s-trek *look* that also feels precursive to other series and "Trek feel" tech is... stunning.

Will need multiple watches; I keep missing scenes staring at the sets, like holy shit, nailed it.

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