I regret to inform you all that despite locking down my font for flying ship pieces as "done", I am still enamored with messing with it, so there will probably end up being a second font. Or a set.

Eventually I'll get bored of this, but not today!

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@darkade The bulk of the font is, like, semi-serious flying galleon stuff, but the weird nonsense is just *extremely* fun to mess with.

@LeviKornelsen If you cant have weird nonsense showing up, what's even the point of flying galleons??

Been absolutely loving the ships you've been creating with these.

@allandaros - Thanks! And, yeah, the weird is *essential;* I just want to strive for that zone where it's obviously nonsense but you can take it juuuuuuust seriously enough it doesn't get old fast.

Like that bug shell stern; that one's *perfect.*

@LeviKornelsen OOOOOH! You have the attention of the house! Downloading now!

@LeviKornelsen This looks absolutely incredible. I love it, as is appropriate for my username.

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