The Aetherships font is now live, so you can build flying ships just by typing them out.

Sails and blimps and propellors, magic thrusters, hulls pieces, undercarriages and components aplenty!


I've been seeing some of the progress posts on this, and it's fantastic stuff! Thanks very much for making this!

Great inspiration for revisiting ideas with "ÆtherRealm" that we had been kicking around, off-and-on, for many years.

@rthorm - I suspect that something like half of designers have *something* in the drawer that this could be helpful for.

@LeviKornelsen This is really fun, seriously. Thank you so much for making this! 🤘


This is super cool, I absolutely want to go make a game about aetherships right now. Thank you so much for making and sharing this!

Also because I am the sort of person I am, I immediately tried to make a readable sentence fleet; these aren't all winners, but frankly I think that the COoL cruiser there is really solid.

@LeviKornelsen This is awesome, thanks for making but please consider making it pwyw so I can pay you for it!

Also any plans to expand it to sci-fi ships? I can see a number of the glyphs would work for it already but would love to see a full sci-fi set at some point.

@LeviKornelsen I'm doing a Blender animation of aetherships in motion. Do you have like 4-6 favorite designs whose original text you can give me?

@astralfrontier - My personal favorites are for sure the cover ship:


And the propellor pod:


(Oooooooh, animation!)

@astralfrontier - That is intensely cool. Putting munchkin to bed, then sharing everywhere!

@LeviKornelsen Do you have a license in mind for this, like the SIL OFL?

@E_T_Smith - The font proper is Public Domain, as visible in it's Fontstruct listing (the Glyph Guide is mine! Mine I tell you!):

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