@JoshuaACNewman - I've always loved those ship and weapon customization systems in games - often far beyond and utility except "I like this".

This feels like a fun channel for that.

@JoshuaACNewman - There's no attached game as of yet!

I'm *tempted* to attach them to a Spelljammer thing (because I love that property with intense nostalgia), but: DMs Guild Terms, yikes yikes yikes.

@LeviKornelsen @JoshuaACNewman it's still not entirely clear to what degree spell jammer is going to be allowed as one of the properties on the DMs guild. They're definitely doing something with adventures by way of the adventures League, but beyond that from the company, the statement is still. Will let you know someday

@MichaelPhillips - This is fair; if I mass up enough resources that making my own thing would be trivial, then....

@LeviKornelsen I could definitely see doing it up as a fifth edition thing that would slot into spell jammer and putting it on drive-thru itself, but you'd have to be careful to keep all the IP off of it

@LeviKornelsen which has the benefit of not walking you out of selling it elsewhere or doing crowdfunding with it

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