Descending into the farther reaches of weirdass gaming....

@nickwedig - I have a 3d printer; these came from an STL online but I have another batch printing that I drew up myself in TinkerCAD.

@LeviKornelsen Ah, pyramids. Honestky my favorite mid game is still Icehouse, though Binary Homeworlds is a close tense secondl

@mneme - To date, I've only actually played Martian Chess, but there's just an *absurd* number of games for these, so: Time to put some together.

@LeviKornelsen As a pyramid fan from back when there was only one game designed for Icehouse pieces, I do have opinions on various of the games. Martian Chess is an ok 2 player game but I've gotten too close to mastery for it to be fun most of the time.

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