Building a second set of chess-like pieces with hollow pyramid bases, to make them stackable with icehouse pyramids (stacks with a medium, conceals a small, perches on a large), as well as better for games that have facing and pushing.

I may at some point go through the whole range of them and duplicate them all to add "suit markings", as per piecepacks, because full integration with old school "slap together a board game" kit is my idea of awesome.

Home-printed icehouse piece collection continues to grow...

Got my dunk tank, food coloring, chopped-up 2x2, drying slabs....

Time to dye a new gameboard.

My tiles wouldn't fit as pieces on my usual board, so I slapped some paint on a bit of pressboard so I can test a thing.

Four iterations on this tile, getting it to the move set I want, double-sided, with clear icons, with the right depth of indents for paint...

Next generation should be in white resin, and a candidate for "Do the whole set now".

Okay, so: Two sides of a tile.

The one with a plain bottom line is "regular" moves (square is the piece, full dots moves that can capture, empty circles move only).

The side with a starred bottom line is "inspired" moves. Skip a move to inspire a tile; flips back when used.

Okay, hear me out:

"Onitama cards but reversible" meets "Custom pieces for The Duke, which might go on the board OR have representing pieces" meets regular chess.

Trying to figure out if it's possible to get a simple Tafl game on a 5x5...

'Nother batch of pieces today. Timed it out, and "Clean and prep the molds" is more than half of the time involved in making these. Yikes.

Sorting out how to paint my game pieces, and I *think* the process is going to end up looking like "Dunk in colored primer, brush off excess; let dry, dunk in dark wash, let dry, dunk in sealant."

Resizing my chessable peg people down to a size where they'll work with more miniatures scenery and boards (and which I could potentially ship out to others).

Continued pawn design; soon I will have a whole fairy tale in the form of peggish people...

Chess peg people, now from HD shapes, and looking fairly sharp.

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