You've got your fantasy world and want to know how to game in it. You need Situation.

Find a part of the world and kick a leg out of a powerful and interesting table. Destabilize something. Cause a problem. Break something beautiful.

Plunge a kingdom into the civil war.

Have the order of knights that are the only thing between the world and the vampires in the pit fall into ruin.

Have the order of wizards and witches that safeguards the world's knowledge fall against zealots and fools.

Whew, and that's the Roguelike Major Arcana done! With the random minors I knocked out earlier, that's 29 cards down, 59 to go...

(I'm still trying to decide whether I'm going to just do POD or try to kickstart a nicer print run, but we'll see how it goes...)

Someone mentioned that Steve Jackson (and thus SJ Games) officially came out against the recent Roe V. Wade decision.

But he didn't just voice an opinion. He showed empathy and understanding of his privilege, and then he made a donation to help folks screwed by this.

Major Props to SJ and the folks over there for doing this right.

@nekoewen - Dude goes to space, tele-operates cloned alien body, is The Chosen One That's Best At All Things, saves planet from Evil Heavy Industry, joins the aliens forever.

Not a single name lives in my recall, but the plot is so basic that it's easy to pull up.

Building a second set of chess-like pieces with hollow pyramid bases, to make them stackable with icehouse pyramids (stacks with a medium, conceals a small, perches on a large), as well as better for games that have facing and pushing.

I may at some point go through the whole range of them and duplicate them all to add "suit markings", as per piecepacks, because full integration with old school "slap together a board game" kit is my idea of awesome.

@craigmaloney - I'm slowly working on some games that use these, so...

Home-printed icehouse piece collection continues to grow...

@mneme - To date, I've only actually played Martian Chess, but there's just an *absurd* number of games for these, so: Time to put some together.

@nickwedig - I have a 3d printer; these came from an STL online but I have another batch printing that I drew up myself in TinkerCAD.

(Of course, immediately after putting it up, I spot a short list of editing errors. Fixed and re-upped, but sheesh.)

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This is now playable, fun, and interesting, so: I give you the 1.0 of Backscore, a fairly decently tested, print-and-play sports board game.

Got my dunk tank, food coloring, chopped-up 2x2, drying slabs....

Time to dye a new gameboard.

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