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Okay, hear me out:

"Onitama cards but reversible" meets "Custom pieces for The Duke, which might go on the board OR have representing pieces" meets regular chess.

I feel like "RPG where PCs are a sports team that plays some utterly outrageous sport - like, blitzball level stuff" is an underexplored field.

Trying to figure out if it's possible to get a simple Tafl game on a 5x5...

'Nother batch of pieces today. Timed it out, and "Clean and prep the molds" is more than half of the time involved in making these. Yikes.

Sorting out how to paint my game pieces, and I *think* the process is going to end up looking like "Dunk in colored primer, brush off excess; let dry, dunk in dark wash, let dry, dunk in sealant."

Putting the toddler to bed and it's almost time to start smashing some game pieces and dunking others in acrylic wash!


This mighty ship sets forth in printed form today on an official work employee form 😛
Bon voyage mighty onJK5KP3S(_-.,Pqj:

Setting sail into the digital seas with Aetherships!
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Resizing my chessable peg people down to a size where they'll work with more miniatures scenery and boards (and which I could potentially ship out to others).

This last week, watched a Star Trek, a Star War, and a Stranger Thing.

Enjoyed all three; in terms of major franchise stuff, I am feeling very pleased.

I feel like any TTRPG with a strong genre focus should have a page on the right wrong decisions for characters to make.

I don't necessarily mean mechanics (which can be good or hamfisted) on the topic, but just "These are the genre places and ways to be a dumbass".

Continued pawn design; soon I will have a whole fairy tale in the form of peggish people...

Chess peg people, now from HD shapes, and looking fairly sharp.

Have now reached the point of TinkerCAD use where I'm replacing all the basic shapes with high-definition and altered ones from the "Shape Generators" menus.

This has resulted in me having files titled "HD Witchmold", which sounds pretty cool, actually.

Y'all talk about Vancian Magic enough, and I need to dig out my version of what that *means;* living magic as a thing.

As a dentist, do you recommend:

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So I have a couple molds here that are filled with a dry mix that's (by volume):

6 Plaster of Paris
3 Portland Cement
1 Sisal Fibre (burlap, post coffee-grunder).

And a wet mix that's:

6 Water
1 PVA glue (white glue)
+ An eyedropper of ink.

With the total wet:dry at 3:4.

It's looking like a promising formula!

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