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Commission for beckyh2112​, of her and slackeremeritus’s WoW characters. Merry Christmas, guys!

#mastoart #creativetoots #worldofwarcraft

the lovely and annoying thing about summer is that I have all this time , so my brain pulls anything into a campaign idea and i'm like this would be so fun!! but I know I don't have time to write or host them all. anywho, anyone have any good recs for a modern fantasy game?

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"who is benefiting from this!"
"the zombies, clearly"

because he's having difficulty translating, one of the players is throwing all his sentences through google translate to speak with others. it's going about how you might expect

"You could cast fish reel"
BW, the literal bookworm "plz don't."

"i'm one letter away from being able to cast 'will of thot'"

i have the distinct impression that kat might yell at me for this week's session. depending on what the party does, of course

newbies survived second session! it was touch and go for a bit, but it was a lot of fun! I'm not sure what I'll do with them after the next adventure though

So last night I was hosting a game and one player misheard Orlin as Borlind and hence was born Alp Borlind, cohost of the show House Betterment with Tom "The Hammer Guy" Balor.

I regret some of my decisions re: Spell campaign necessary i feel very hemmed in with the kinds of adventures i can plan. I also haven't the faintest idea of how it'll wrap up

My character, a large lobster creature on being stabbed, "oh! I'm down!" is for some reason very funny to me

Was struggling with what to do with my players next session and how to introduce the late party member. Figured it out while driving and started laughing like a cartoon villain.

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"Welcome to my TED talk, Every Science and Medical Officer in Star Trek is Queer."

Spell is a pretty fun system. For example: confronted with a pc fighting him, the necromancer threw eel as a spell, which delights me.

haven't even started the campaign I've been working on and I have an idea for another one

gonna be doin' warm ups later, if you've got a d&d character, drop me a line and i'll doodle 'em when i get back

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