I'm much too exicted about spending $250 on this.

EDIT: If the link still says "Coming Soon", it's wrong. It's here.


I walked the fuck away from the Christian death cult as soon as I was legally old enough to make autonomous decisions but IIRC one of their commandments is "do not take the lord's name in vain", which they taught kid-me meant "do not say 'God damn', that's the worst swear word".

But I kinda think the shitbags in Congress "fervently lifting prayer" after a school shooting while repeatedly blocking gun control laws is a better example.

And I'm franky tired of this ridiculous insinuation that there are these unwritten rules that turn D&D into the perfect game if only you figure out what they are and Do The Work™️.

D&D does what it was designed to do very well, but it was designed to do fewer things than it claims it was.

And if you have to (objectively) "finish" designing the game before its what you want maybe you haven't chosen the optimal game for what you want to do.

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Talking to your players and setting expectations to avoid this kind of thing is a thing that almost literally every other game that I have played lately explicity states you can and should do.

TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights goes live tonight. I contributed to the cause with the only game I've ever finished making that isn't using someone else's intellectual property.


DIE was a fucked up comic.

And I can't wait to get this game. Honestly can't think of better people than the makers of Spire/Heart to turn it into one.


One of the backer tier upgrades is an autograph. An autograph! From a motherfucker no more famous or successful than anyone else who has objectively "made it" in RPG publishing.

This is why I can't stand M.C.

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If you don't want to play D&D anymore because it's "too woke" then we're fine with that. Go do your own thing. Indie gamers have been doing it for decades, no one will hear from you again.

If you want to start your own company that isn't "woke", that's fine too. Ask Ernie Gygax, Justin LaNasa & Stephen Dinehart how that's been going.

Anyway, here's Wonderwall...

Finally decided to pull the trigger on backing Old Gods of Appalachia, but I'm just going to rip the setting out and slap it on a different system.

You know what it's about... 

Never have I ever seen so many trash hot takes that completely ignore the point in my life prior to being on Twitter for 30 minutes today.

Sabaton has a board game.

Lacuna Coil has a card game.

Faith No More has a TTRPG.

I'm here for this overlap of my two biggest obsessions.

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I am pleasantly surprised that Mastadon seems to be getting more traction in RPG designer land currently. Quite frankly, just removing the doomscrolling is delightful.

OSR is to TTRPG design as IPAs are to craft beer: so many people are doing it now that the term is losing what meaning it used to have, and they all taste the god damn same to me.

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I remembered how some people tried to paint encouraging people to try TTRPGs other than D&D as "gatekeeping" and like is there a snappy term for when people walk up to a gate and try to open it even wider?

Masks is literally one of the best supers RPGs I've ever read, but it comes at it from a differnet angle than usual. More about people than powers. For power fantasies I'd go with Mutants & Masterminds.

Also happy to see Hensin making it on a list for once! Hensin is very good.

This whole list is very good, TBH.


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Gizmodo suggestes 27 other cool super-hero tRPGs you could be playing instead of Marvel Multiverse RPG Playest.

Although I haven't read most of them, or even heard about them before, I would glady add Sentinel Comics RPG, With Great Power - Master Edition and My Super-Hero Life! to the list. :)


Still acclimating to the Fediverse. Not sure if I'll stick; not because I think Mastodon is bad, just because I don't warm up to people I don't know very quickly.

But I'm learning the etiquette by lurking.

Someone already answered this, but that was days ago and I wasn't listening. (You'll get that a lot from me...)

What are the popular apps for this place?

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