Watching Dicebreaker’s play of _Brindlewood Bay_, it struck me as funny the Brits’ reaction at one point was “OMG, a handgun?!” when my thought was “Oh, that’s adorable! Do they make those in grown-up sizes?”

I think I might have trouble finding players near me, though.

I've seen a few posts about people 'fearing the lack of algorithm', or "feeling lost without one'.
Personally, i've always seen the #algorithm as heavily biased, something you waste your #creative energy and soul, constantly sucking up to it in order to be seen and noticed. I've always felt It's a farce. Marching the right way gets you popular, not your creative merits. You get practically blacklisted and not given a chance if you don't play ball.
Hoping this place is a breath of fresh air.

More than once, I've had the strange idea to world-build and create a D&D (or other fantasy system) campaign called "Heroes Against The Crawling Dumb." (See, at the heart of it all is a number of artifacts that make the "Vacuous Grimoire" look downright erudite.)

Such a campaign would quickly get the semi-satirical semi-gonzo tang of "Mom & Dad Save the World," and I'm honestly unsure whether that'd be a fatal flaw or selling point.

I am Moe Tousignant, "the Thumbs Up Guy" from G+

I am now The Tabletop Bellhop, the cardboard concierge working with you to make your game nights better.

I'm here to answer your gaming or game night questions!

Here I will be sharing my tabletop content and helping to promote the work of others and just talking games and gaming.

Great to see the growth here, I've been here since G+ closed and welcome many of you back!

And I, well, the name says it all, really. There's a bit of RPG playing on those few nights I have available, but other than that I'm unremarkable.

Also, I find it strange: A lot of superheroes have backgrounds like “scientist” or “doctor,” but ironically few have “fight instructor.”

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One night I’m running “Camelot Trigger,” a science-fiction setting with heavy Arthurian flavour [sic]. Another I’m playing Champions using a guy whose fighting technique is throwing mirrored chunks of plastic. Life is …2/7 good.

*up to three players

Although, technically, we have a fourth, but she is irregular. We’re working on that. Oh, how were working on that.

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My Wednesday night game of Fate (“House of Bards”) is now up too the players, and I think I’ve got the hang of the setting now.

The plotting has also got so convoluted that they don’t realize yet that they’re following four threads of the same plot. Won’t they be pleased/surprised when they converge on the same finale...

Tonight, I should be finishing out my first adventure in a two-player online game (Fate, “House of Bards”). A halfling evangelist who touts his possession as a new religion, and a dragonkin who won’t let a story go, should finally banish a sorcerous sea monster lurking in the town harbor.

The players’ experience has been overall positive; it sounds like they could either continue with these characters or try another World of Adventure.

Unbiased journalism is not pretending both sides are equally valid.

Unbiased journalism is reporting the facts even if those facts include that one side is irredeemably awful.

False neutrality is propaganda.

A reminder to all creative people:

If the RIAA's recent actions have reminded us of anything, it's that you cannot guarantee you have a copy of any of your work unless you have backups of it on your own system.

The 'cloud' is someone else's computer, and there is ample evidence that the someone else who owns that computer does not care at all about the hours of passion you've poured into things you make.

Act accordingly.

The first session of the Wednesday game was very laid back, very mellow. It was the PCs touring the town and getting to know a few of the people that make it what it is. It’s important that they get to experience the scenery before the monster plot comes through and smashes everything to pull.

There’s also a non-zero chance they set the monster in motion themselves.

I know what I’m running, I know what setting I’m using, and the players have characters drawn up.

What makes the coming game nerve-wracking is knowing that there’s a pretty significant paradigm shift between the likes of Pathfinder and D&D to the narrativist minimalism of Fate. (The setting is the WoA “House of Bards.”) Can I make the game both engaging and educational?

And hooray, I know which game I’m running now. It’s a political drama in a fantasy setting, heavy with investigation, influence, and manipulation. And oh, the ideas are coming to me.

It’s kind of weird, not being able to prepare for a game because I don’t know what I’ll be running.

I expect two players (and hope it takes off later) and posted a list of five settings and a “none of the above.” So far I’ve gotten feedback from one of them and even then he only narrowed it to two /possible/ choices.

And part of the rebuild pain is reconnecting with people who might not even be back on the instance yet. If you remember me, I am here again.

Well, I guess the wipe and reboot of the server is ONE way to remedy the authentication problems of a new phone... 😅

time, I guess. Many other places you may find me as Territan, and I've run TTRPGs both online and face-to-face. I can appreciate both the crunch of GURPS and late HERO, the fnarg of Fate, and the niche power of dozens of other games. Not a hipster, just a compulsive game-buyer.

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