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Hello ! 😃

I'm Mansfeld, I blog a lot about tabletop roleplaying games and I've created a couple of small TTRPGs. On this profile, I'll continue what I did on Twitter: sharing thoughts and recent works.

You can find my works here:

I've made roughly 50% of work to re-skin my current project. The draft title is "Stranger in a Foreign Land". Remaining 50% is to re-write all Moves, especially that resources (and it's tracks) mean something different fiction-wise.

Imagine playing for shenanigans, aestethics, colour. Acting in it's essence. Secure from actual weight and consequences of your actions. Safe from The Main Story of the campaign...

I introduced the term called "Scrambled Eggs Play" for .

What articles about TTRPGs and autism/neurodiversity have in common?

For both of them, release date is pretty dam important.

We finally reached Tier II of our settlement in Mountain Home campaign. That means more dwarves (up to several hundreds), better guilds and trading results, but also bigger risk from entanglement rolls (random events)...

That's in of Eight Year in-game.

I saw a post on twitter that pointed out that Dungeon World is 10 years old. Sometimes I worry that I've got too much of a stuck-in-the-past, trapped-in-amber aspect to my connection to the indie TTRPG world, and seeing stuff that was new now being old amplifies that. On the other hand, I not-so-secretly suspect that a lot of indie-TTRPG-land has been stuck in dead ends for a while and we would benefit from a back-to-basics movement.

Everyone loves positive feedback. Social media is built on a delicate web of likes, comments, shares, and views that can make us feel connected and valued...or can tear us down. Maybe we could spend more time reaching out and sharing some compliments with those who’ve made a positive difference in our lives, no matter how great or small.

Quick, before r/rpg Redditors will downvote it and delete into oblivion!

Summing up misconceptions about what PbtA really is finally reached Reddit:

This is now playable, fun, and interesting, so: I give you the 1.0 of Backscore, a fairly decently tested, print-and-play sports board game.

This is a fine day to sail forward or back through Seven Seas! ARR! I invite you to try out "Arrpacas of Seven Seas" tabletop party game: you'll be playing alpacas vying for authority in a captured pirate ship.

I spent recent weekend on:
- Eating sushi as a celebration of getting a new job offer.
- Session 0 for Rebel Crown and Session "Kinda 1st" as a Recon+Sortie then making a Domain for Retinue We divided the preliminary session into two meeting.

I've found one common thing of Trad and Dune universe.

In Dune, mentats are biological "computers" as a replacement for advanced AI.

In Trad RPG, GMs are biological equivalent of a video game with it's own hardware.

Both mentats and GMs are biological computing devices.

In next Tuesday of 21th June, there will be a lot of EEEK. A new about will emerge!


Science fiction was invented by Mary Shelley on the shores of Lake Geneva in 1816. (Sort of. There were precursors but let's ignore them for a minute.)

Tabletop RPGs were invented by wargamers on the shores of Lake Geneva in the late 1960s. (Sort of. There were precursors but let's ignore them for a minute.)

There's an interesting alternate history where the two swap. Where Shelley invented a new pastime for the bored poets, where they imagined themselves Gothic heroes by using funny dice.

I'm currently awaiting the second round of editing for "Arrpacas of Seven Seas" manual text. It's about pirate deciding where to sail.

Here is the alpaca photo.

I've made an attempt to discern not two, but at least five diferent resolution types for . In short: there's something more than sorting out stuff into Task/Conflict.

My design goal, however, is to make NTs feel how non-NT folk struggles with NT world. The moment of realization should take place during the play, not after first reading of a manual...

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It's like - "Incorrect" might work well with just editing work, but neurodivergent people don't need to play it (because they already experience things like in this game) and for NTs there will be only observation left for Fruitful Void.

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I'm awaiting for 2 of 3 consultant's opinion for "Incorrect" game draft, but after the first one I feel that I need to "re-skin" this game in order to make it less up-front. It could be the functional game, but not compelling enough for neurotypical folks to play it.

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indie games: what if you were a little fly. what if a sentient locomotive was after you. what if you tidied up a house. what if you were a bear who runs a B&B

AAA games: what if u had a gun

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