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Fash trash "classicists" strike again.

Regardless of whether you like modern art, it serves an incredibly important purpose: showing you who's a half step away from burning books and sieg heiling their way down main street.

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New Podcast Ep 177: Getting Started with D&D.

We break down all of the various Dungeons and Dragons Starter Sets and try to find the best place to start learning D&D.

We review the Command Station for Space Base from Alderac Entertainment Group, share early thoughts on Scythe and more!



In exchange for letting the metro system put a couple of stations within the bounds of the city park forest, the leshii demanded free rush hour passes in perpetuity.

Nonbinary people will remain as long as there are people in the world.

That's because we, like any other group, are a natural and important part of humanity.

Nothing will remove us from existence without all people going, too.

We're not going anywhere, so get used to us.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride #exorsexism ..

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Anyway, if there’s any speakers out there who don’t mind occasionally letting me practice the language talking to you (I’m still very early in the learning process but will be plowing through rapidly), let me know. Babbel is a good start, but I know there’s no substitute for actually using a language in learning it. [5/5]

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Call for submissions for a large cooperative bundle on itch, with all proceeds going to the National Network for Abortion Funds' Collective Power Fund, launching next week.
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If you’re a game designer, developer, or other creator on itch who wants to get involved, once again, submit your work to the google form below:

For folks looking, you can search for local abortion funds here: abortionfunds.org/funds/

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do NOT donate to politicians asking for money because of roe v wade being overturned right now. donate it to abortion funds instead!!!

Hat of Protection. No one with ill intent toward the wearer can approach within the circumference of its brim.

Help me run a tiny summer camp!

I teach at an alt school in a 2/3 minority, very poor community. Well-heeled families also send use their kids because we’re an amazing school.

Every June, a couple parents approach me to do summer things with their kids. They’re always great kids, but they’re also the families who can afford to pay a teacher out of pocket.

This year, I’m taking one kid under my wing paid for by his dad, and another whose parents can’t.

"Wooden Sword Thespians" is a setting for Thirsty Sword Lesbians, at the Ridgewood Park High School Drama Club, 1997. Fight the administration, endure rival cliques making trouble, make out backstage, and put on the best damn play you can.


Yegor the hermit wasn't about to let a perfectly good abandoned mech go to waste.

By (who else) Jakub Rozalski

If you know the right hymns to the Bull God, at the end of each verse you can 1) plow a row in the field, 2) knock down a gate, move a boulder or uproot a tree, 3) shake the ground, or if you're near the ocean 4) summon a giant wave. Rumor has it there's also a hymn you can use to impregnate your cows without needing an actual bull on the scene. Rumor also has it that the hymn will cow (har) a Minotaur into submission by tricking them into thinking you're their parent.

I couldn't resist: Rules alignments as a nine-grid.

(Again, this is me goofing around. It'[s funny if you're me; I have no idea if it's amusing to anyone else)


Introducing SKYREALMS! A system-neutral RPG fantasy sourcebook and coloring book, full of misty floating islands and weird creatures.


"SKYREALMS is a system-neutral fantasy sourcebook and coloring book. It has 48 pages of creatures, mini-dungeons, spells, weird items, and magic locations, brought to life by Iko (designer of Broken Luck), with the unique art style of Evlyn Moreau."

Crowdfunding 27 days to go …

#timely #funsies #tabletop #ttrpg

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