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Hey guys, something serious:

I'm working on a Blades hack about being magical students. It's called Academy.

It's important to me that this game handles a diverse cast well, in-game and out-of-game. This has gone through several revisions right now, and I need other eyes and perspectives in order to examine my own biases and correct insensitive language and mistakes before Alpha release. I want this to be the best it can.

OK, so I've got some bittersweet news.
My Blades hack is a fun game. However, it is not at all the game I wanted it to be. It will undergo several drastic changes in the near future and I think the game it is now isn't yet ready to go public. I'm pulling it offline for now.
I am very, very thankful for my playtest group, who helped me see the issues inherent in Academy. This is a very frustrating situation, but a good one, I think.

Alright, I need help from my published TTRPG dev friends.
How did you do playtesting? I'm one dude with six players who are crazy enough to play my game once a week, but that's not enough for me to get the data/feedback I need. How does it work?

It's gotta be! The system that I wrote (or hacked, at least). There was a ghost car chase! And people turning into ferrets! And catchphrases! And sucking up to teachers, and rivals, and parties, and shooting lightning from your hands! I feel so, incredibly validated for all the time I've spent and will continue to spend on this game.

It feels so goddamn good as an amateur game developer to see people buying into your fiction and setting, to have a table full of smiling faces regardless of how actively they like to participate in RPGs, to have someone take a Strike (Trauma) and not be in play for a week and still say they had a great time just listening to the table's Downtime Scenes for that in-game week. It's the table, of course, the players and their characters, but it's also the system!

I just ran one of the best TTRPG sessions of my carreer. It was snappy, action-packed, hilarious, and engaged the whole table.
The best part? I wrote the game.

I just ran for the first time, ever. We got tripped up by a couple typos, but otherwise it worked really well! People are enjoying the game and the fiction! I don't know what to feel right now. Pride? Relief? Drive? Everything at once?

Playtesting begins on Friday, assuming no further delays! I'm so excited!

Alright, considering I'm already late for the meme train and no one wants to playtest this with me, I'll just release it now.
BEHOLD! A very terrible idea I had two months ago!

@gamehawk @hardcorenarrativist I knew there was a reason I hung out here! This looks really promising, I'll see what it can do when I get off work.

Tonight on confused college student tries to make character sheets with GIMP: Lost sleep and sanity, almost finished one out of nine. Not looking forward to the rest of this.

Just worked on for the first time in a crazy month. I am MUCH more proud of it than I remember. Just need to do character and crew sheets (which I am DREADING) and then playtesting can begin.

Oh man, I just made something really quick and stupid that I kind of want to publish.

Oh fuck! I'm gonna be in my hometown this weekend, and is happening there, AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW! I won't be able to get tickets for the one free day I have--are there plans for any sort of meetup outside the convention?

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