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Hi, I'm McGravin, and this is my "toot" (eugh). I can be found at cons GMing for , and I'm a wannabe designer with a notebook full of half-finished (or not even half) ideas.

GMs, got any clever ideas for me on what kinds of things I can do with invisible ink for my players? I'm all ears!

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If anybody with some time to kill would enjoy reading some D&D/Pathfinder campaign setting worldbuilding I've been working on, I'd appreciate any ideas/input/feedback you have to give. The setting is swashbuckling, high-seas fantasy. I've been building a campaign website, and it has most of the extant campaign info: (pretty proud of that URL)

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Inspired by the cyberwitch @kiramagrann I'm introducing a May I Ask You An RPG Question? Q&A kind of dealio, hashtag and answer every even day. :)

Kira's hashtag was SO GOOD I just want to keep the chat going. go check out that hashtag, join me in this one, and check out Kira on

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Day 31 -

Shoutout to @kiramagrann for putting this together! There were challenging days of trying to put my emotional wells into concise words and I loved folks' responses! <3

Hey, looks like the is up! The deadline is May 1st. Looking forward to taking part again this year, and seeing some awesome entries.

I have two separate ideas for a similar writing project. At first glance, I don't see an easy way to reconcile them into one idea.

Do I try to force them to fit together? Focus on developing just one and scrap the other (I'm inclined to think they're too similar to co-exist, as both fit into the same niche, but maybe...)? Divide my attention and try to develop both, see where they go?

This isn't quite writer's block. More like "writer's drawn-in-two-directions-and-halted-in-the-meanwhile".

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Saw this and I’m trying to make better use of Mastodon.

"Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

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Hi! I've been writing/illustrating haikus that are all set in the same world and uploading them pretty frequently. It's primarily a passion-project, but I'm pretty broke and people seem to like them - so I figured I'd make a patreon.
Please have a look/consider pledging even a tiny amount if you enjoy my art/have a steady income. If not, thanks for looking anyway! :)
Any boosts appreciated 🖤

#mastoart #creativetoot #patreon #illustration #art

D&D breaks down currency into different coin denominations: platinum, gold, silver, and copper coins. It adds flavor, but does it serve any game purpose? The only thing I can think of is if the GM is a stickler for encumbrance (but if that's the case, I'd rather play Torchbearer).

After playing so long on virtual tabletop, I almost forgot what it's like to roll real dice.

I'm running a one-off RPG tonight for some long-time lapsed RPGers and some newbie RPGers. If I'm lucky, I'll get a new regular group out of it. Wish me luck on getting these guys hooked!

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Just realised I haven't posted this myself here yet! I did this fun commission for @McGravin of one of his NPCs based on a description given to me :D I'm pretty happy with it.
( I do arts like this for $60,
here's some of my other stuff if you're interested! - )
#mastoart #art #commission #npc #dnd #digitalart

Over on birdsite, Grant Howitt was asking for a 12-game "ttrpg canon", a sort of primer to familiarize someone with the state of the industry & art.

My recommendation:

Start by sketching out the D&D family tree, then proceed into indie games:
- black box
- D&D 3.5
- D&D 5e
- Pathfinder
- something OSR (DCC?)
- Torchbearer
- Burning Wheel
- Apocalypse World
- Blades in the Dark
- Swords without Master
- Bluebeard's Bride?
- 3:16?


I'm just imagining normal Italian conversational gestures mixing with LARP hand signals.

I want to thank the amazing @sajan for creating this amazing piece of art for my D&D game. If you want to commission some art, I can't recommend Sajan highly enough!

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Hey all, John and I are being hit with some major financial impacts right now. I have been scared to do this but we're asking for support. We've already gotten donations, more than expected, but there's more expenses to come. Thank you for any support or sharing you can offer!

Also available:

@vgan Is there something up with Chest Bot's accounting of chests opened? As of 9h ago I was at 13 opened, I opened two since then, and now at 3h ago I'm at 14 opened.

Reskinning some D&D tropes to fit my heavily-scifi campaign, and I welcome any feedback:

An Elder Brain is no longer a physical creature that is the final stage of illitihid life cycle. Instead, it is an artificial intelligence construct that arises semi-spontaneously in the psychic space created when the members of an illithid colony network their telepathy together. The EB's intelligence/abilities is dependent on the size of the psychic space, which scales by the # of illitihid in the colony.

Do you play Grant Howitt's excellent Goblin Quest? Want to play it on I made a group sheet for up to 4 players and a dice roller (requires API access)!

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