When it comes time to purge, how do you decide what game to remove from your game collection?

In my latest Ask The Bellhop article on the blog I talk all about curating your game collection and deciding what to get rid of.

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New YouTube Review:

Lost Cities Rivals a 2 to 4 player version of the classic two-player card game Lost Cities.

How does this updated version from Thames & Kosmos compare?

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Laser Land - Laser Cut & 3D printed tabletop gaming goodies.


Some really top notch component upgrades can be found here.

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Curating your game collection - How do you decide which board games or RPG items to get rid of?

Check out the Ask The Bellhop segment from our last live show when we talk about removing games from your collection.


Age of Ambition: Fantasy Roleplaying in an Age of Promise or Peril From Tab Creations

40% off today only at @DriveThruRPG


A world rapidly leaving the traditional fantasy milieu behind.

New Review:

A look at Lost Cities: Rivals from Thames & Kosmos and comparing it to the original Lost Cities card game.

This version uses an auction mechanic instead of hand management and plays up to four players.


Featured Crafter:

Lappe Mountain Tabletop - Handmade Custom Tabletop Accessories


Some really great wooden dice trays here.

The Game Room - Codenames Duet

Check out this review from our last live show where Sean and I take a look at Codenames: Duet a cooperative, team-based version of the now-classic party game Codenames from Czech Games Edition


Did you that with every podcast recording we do we generate about an hour of extra bonus content.

This is content only those that join us live on Wednesdays and our Patreon Backers at the Hotel Guest level or higher get to hear.

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Board Game Review: Codenames Duet a team-based (not just two-player) word guessing game from Czech Games Edition

this game was filled with surprises like it works as a 400 card expansion for Codenames, it's not just a two-player game, there's a campaign mode and just how good it is with only two players.


Looking for something to watch?

Check out the YouTube version of our latest podcast where we talk about great games from Canadian Designers.

I also review Super Cats from @TheOpGames and talk about the games I played in the last week.

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240+ Free Board Games

We've updated our list of free games released by publishers to keep us busy while stuck at home.

While some games have been pulled now that it's July there are a number of new ones we found to add as well.

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Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast NEW EPISODE

Great Games Eh? Featuring board games and RPGs from Canadian Designers.

Also a review of Super Cats and first plays of Talisman Batman Super-Villains Edition and Telestrations Upside Drawn from The Op.


New Video!

This time I'm cracking open a copy of Codenames Duet from Czech Games Edition

See what you get in this cooperative, team-based version of Codenames!


Check out the Ask The Bellhop segment from our last live show!

This week's topic is Canadian Game Designers and we feature some of the best tabletop games from Canadian designers including both RPGs and board games.


Featured Crafter:

Kraken Skulls Consortium

Featuring a number of laser cut and engraved items like range rulers, spell templates, keychains, and tokens


2 Days Left in the Humble Maps Extravaganza.

We've teamed up with Profantasy Software to offer this bundle for tabletop roleplayers who want to create stunning fantasy maps. It includes Campaign Cartographer 3+, as well as over 15k assets


Just checking out the new Klingon Core Rulebook for Star Trek Adventures.

I think it's very cool that this is actually a stand alone game. I totally wasn't expecting that.

I also see that it features some updated rules, not just a copy paste.


Featured Crafter

Inventory Packs - Smart supplies for tabletop adventuring.

Keep your escapades organized with notepad, customizable item cards, and class stickers to personalize your gear.

They also sell pins, stickers, coasters, tokens and more.


Super Cats from The Op in The Game Room.

Check out the review segment from our last live show where I talk all about Super Cats, an evolution of roshambo starting Sentia Felines battling the massive and terrifying RoboDog.


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