Ran a session of Afterlife: Wandering Souls by angryhamsterpublishing.com/

Wanderers entered the Shipwreck Forest, filled with the sunken hulks of ships, fending off pirates and the Drowned, searching for Pandora's Box

Facilitated a game of Dialect. The AIs, left behind on Earth, abandoned their mission to prepare it for the human's return. In order to combat memory space limitations, they transferred data to hard copy on giant stone monoliths covered in binary. As they began shutting down one by one, they ushered in a new society by uplifting the corvids to carry on in their memory

I always fall into this trap demoing an rpg. I always try to put too much in front of players and have them choose, 'causing decision paralysis. I've been doing this for 10-20 years. You'd think I'd had learned by now

pondering a game mechanic: take a book you don't mind marking up. When you need to cast a spell, circle 3 words on 1 page, and that describes the spell.

You have to go sequentially, page by page, no skipping, so if you can't come up with a good combo on the current page you are SOL (or take some penalty to skip pages or something)

Has anyone taken Jason Morningstar's Night Witches and reskinned it to a Neon Genesis Evangelion theme?

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Beau Sheldon (@briecs) got a Metatopia scholarship but is having trouble getting the funds together to go. Please support them. They're doing amazing work in the RPG community helping marginalized and underrepresented creators.

cash.me/briecs, or

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also to clarify that, maybe ironically, I really like Belief-based rpgs. Mouse Guard is one of my favorites (and Burning Empires is one of my favorites that I don't know how to run), and I'm having a blast running SIG. Just that I struggle more with those games

I have always struggled with Belief-based rpgs like SIG by @genesisoflegend and Luke Crane's Burning series. Not sure why. Maybe I get too distracted in a scene to remember to bring Beliefs into play?

It has been, honestly, a couple of years since I had to teach how to play a board game, and my brain has lost any and all methods I used to know

wow. got annihilated by taxes this year

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Welcome to the intersection of food, film, and racism. This is a story of how, a day after Clio's racist convention experience, my friend Amber and I signed up at that same con to play a role-playing game called "Fortune Cookie Kung Fu." jamesmendezhodes.com/blog/2019

'cause I'm a sucker for punishment, I'm running the Fantasy Flight Star Wars rpg for three of my friends that I haven't seen in a while. They're behaving in the exact same ways I predicted. One friend is geeking out over gear/inventory minutiae. Another is fawning over ship after ship after ship. And the third, after changing his mind a dozen times, has settled on the cleric-generalist equivalent 😂

Itras By. A skeleton found his trumpet. A prophet found a gorilla sugar daddy. A boy with a planet for a head found his sister. And a sad girl with a rain cloud found a little bit of happiness

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This is an article on how to play a role-playing game as a character from another ethnicity or culture. Don't make me regret it.

of course something like this would happen the exact period I am out of the country:


Who has two thumbs and too many self-started projects and is now contemplating writing a Forged in the Dark YA cyoa book

this gu---
*pokes thumb into eye

I screwed myself out of about $80. Make sure you read your contracts carefully, freelancers 😕

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When I started this piece about racist tropes in Tolkien's orcs, I knew orcs were a racist stereotype. I didn't realize orcs were a stereotype OF ASIANS SPECIFICALLY.
jamesmendezhodes.com/blog/2019 Orcs, Britons, and the Martial Race Myth, Part I: A Species Built for Racial Terror

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