I have always struggled with Belief-based rpgs like SIG by @genesisoflegend and Luke Crane's Burning series. Not sure why. Maybe I get too distracted in a scene to remember to bring Beliefs into play?

@Monte_Lin I usually have a great time with Flag based games, but I do find the first few sessions require the group to make adjustments or be willing to drop/change them as you go from "I thought I wanted this, but THIS is what really is interesting to me." I find most folks have an easier time with Primetime Adventures, though, bc the Issue is singular but the rewards can be earned on any form of good interaction.

also to clarify that, maybe ironically, I really like Belief-based rpgs. Mouse Guard is one of my favorites (and Burning Empires is one of my favorites that I don't know how to run), and I'm having a blast running SIG. Just that I struggle more with those games

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