Ran a session of Afterlife: Wandering Souls by angryhamsterpublishing.com/

Wanderers entered the Shipwreck Forest, filled with the sunken hulks of ships, fending off pirates and the Drowned, searching for Pandora's Box

Facilitated a game of Dialect. The AIs, left behind on Earth, abandoned their mission to prepare it for the human's return. In order to combat memory space limitations, they transferred data to hard copy on giant stone monoliths covered in binary. As they began shutting down one by one, they ushered in a new society by uplifting the corvids to carry on in their memory

Itras By. A skeleton found his trumpet. A prophet found a gorilla sugar daddy. A boy with a planet for a head found his sister. And a sad girl with a rain cloud found a little bit of happiness

My crowning achievement, I feel, is my paragraph about tsukemono in this book

Oh, crap. My dad’s probably going to lose a couple of games and then say, “ok, let’s make this interesting...”

I had the most intense and incredible game of Dialect at Big Bad Con in Oakland. I'm still doing through emotional aftershocks


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