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tfw you are so undisciplined that you don't update your MacOS just so Steam won't run on it and thus keep you from wasting time

Gf bought Overcooked so I'm looking forward to us yelling at each other over burnt hamburgers

My crowning achievement, I feel, is my paragraph about tsukemono in this book

as the new year looms ever closer, I've been caught in a decision about a career change. Do I:

a) Pour all my efforts into a full-time job

b) continue to hustle for freelance tabletop work (toward achieving a solid 12-months work schedule)

c) put aside the freelance work and focus purely on my fiction writing (i.e. all the short stories and the two books that need finishing/editing)

'cause doing all three at the same doesn't seem to be getting me closer to any single goal

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Bring your artists of:
- animal forms in a realistic but stylized way
- animals expressive in their face & with motion
- fulfill 9 duotone pieces by mid- to late-Feb.
Nonbinary, trans, & black artists & people of color preferred. Send portfolio to contactbriecs@ Gmail.

Paid gig! Ref KS for an idea what we'd been planning. Willing to explore but this is what we have now. Duotone color palette is black & Pantone 354 C if that helps! Serious applicants only, please. Thanks!

sigh. deadlines on Xmas week... again... 😶

The problem with general anxiety is that my detector of a potential bad freelance contract pings as much as the same as a legitimate freelance contract

Guan Yin help me, I just joined a bunch of rpg discord servers (and while I'm under some writing deadlines)

Playing a Child-Thing in Apocalypse World and honestly the best stuff isn't the normal moves but the Special Move, the one that says the Child-Thing eats plastic, metal, minds, people, etc. I've utilized more weirdness from that than any of the other moves

is it a special kind of writer heaven or hell that I'm in the midst of three different writing/editing contracts, editing a novel, and writing a second novel yet think I'm not doing enough?

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@Monte_Lin Well, one principle is, "do what you can." I'd never want someone to back when they can't afford it. If they buy something later because that's when they have the money, or download a PDF and tell everyone about it, or whatever, those things are all very valuable.
Just do what you can, whenever you can do it.

The greatest benefit is usually to back our Patreons or whatever. ( It's how we get paid to take the creative risks that make big projects possible.

lol finally got some of backpay owed for some rpg work and the first thing I do is back a couple of rpg Kickstarters

managed to play a full round before my mom tossed in her tiles because my dad was hoarding all the ones she needed

Oh, crap. My dad’s probably going to lose a couple of games and then say, “ok, let’s make this interesting...”

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This piece is late, really, for the games industry, but illustrates why I as a freelance writer about games didn’t really want to write the ‘polemic’ about the ‘state’ of a game if the game itself was fucking garbage and built on garbage and people fucking whined that I never wrote about AAA, or games about men, constantly

Friend and I chatted, brainstormed over a board game he is making. It's weird/cool having to dredge up game design thoughts/theory after letting it all sit fallow for months

I had the most intense and incredible game of Dialect at Big Bad Con in Oakland. I'm still doing through emotional aftershocks

is it an irony that while working in the tabletop rpg industry I don't make enough money to support all these awesome tabletop rpg Kickstarters?

I don't suppose there is anyone here who has dealt with game component production companies like GPI, Cartamundi, Ad Magic, or Shuffled Ink (I'm already familiar with Panda)?

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