My players took the bait. They're now heading to The Devoured Land (from Frostbitten & Mutilated) 😄

In this post, I share a simple little thing I do with my family D&D games. What are some tricks you use at your table?

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Another go at explaining what some people think "Old School" means. I like it, not the least because of the great artwork by Evlyn Moreau. I think this is about 90% applicable to the way I run games (even if it only covers 70% of the way I run games, more on that later maybe), and the last two pages which address players are a good start to know how to play in my campaign.

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Got an idea for an injury table in my D&D games that I can't wait to get written down!

Wow, I'm really enjoying Runehammer's videos. There's lots of immensely helpful advice on that channel for your D&D (or clone) game. His newest video about social encounters is a perfect example (but please check out older ones too).

Just one is many hooks they have:
Through the PC rogue's actions and connections, he's heard rumors of someone willing to pay for the secrets of the chocolate factory..

Also on standby for potential shenanigans: Broodmother Skyfortress, Sounds of the Mushroom Kingdom, Obscene Serpent Religion 2, Scenic Dunnsmouth, Towers Two, and The Seclusium of Orophone.

Pictured: Veins of the Earth, Maze of the Blue Medusa, Frostbitten & Mutilated, A Red & Pleasant Land, Vornheim.

Game prep is so much fun! The seeds have been sown, the plots have been hooked, and the PCs have many fun adventures that are possible. I wonder which direction they'll take the game? Excited!

Your group of adventures begin the game awakening in a cave with nothing more than a torch or lantern, one day's rations, a single weapon, and a minor trinket (something sentimental the PC carries with them). The cave is pitch black, and they must navigate their way back to the surface. Little do they know of the dangers that lurk just beyond their light.

This works best if you have a copy of Veins of the Earth. 🤘

Oops! I missed yesterday's

You and a group of others arrive at the dock of a large island. Upon arrival, a platoon of guards tell you, "Pledge your loyalty now. Choose. Markus or Yentir."
Successfully negotiating for more information yields the islands power structure. Two groups fighting for control are lead by the individuals named.
Out of game, these groups represent Law and Chaos.

Will your PC's choose L or C? Or will they carve their own path.

Unkillable PCs. Each time they die, they wake up in a sarcophagus, naked and in pain (relating to how they last died). The only things stored in this sarcophagus are those that they have stored there. Nobody knows why this happens, but each PC might not come back as their old selves.
If a player wishes to play as a different character, they make up a new character as usual, but they have all the memories of the last one.

Try not to let the enemies know where to revive! =)

I recently had an idea for a campaign heavily influenced by the Borderlands games that I, unoriginally, named THE BADASS CAMPAIGN OF BADASSITUDE.

I propose rules that give you extra Inspiration "points" based on your key ability score (Savage Worlds inspired this), new actions (like assassination or "badass attack") you can use by spending these points, and Frankensteining some ideas from other games into the campaign.

Finally, I've come to a point where I can continue my family D&D game. I know they last wanted nothing more than to leave the city they were in, despite all the "hooks".
Regardless, I'm going to give them what they want. But, my dilemma is how to do it.

Should I fade-to-black and tell them they wake up together in a cave of some sort, with a single lamp, a la Veins of the Earth?

Or should I build a new city, handwave some overland travel, and call it good?

You know how many campaign ideas I have? And that's just for ... I'll never get to run them all! Maybe I should compile them somewhere so others can do something with the ideas.

I love many sorts of games, like: card games (Magic, UFS, Pokemon, L5R), RPGs (D&D, LotFP, Savage Worlds, WoD), wargames (Warmachine & Hordes, Frostgrave, Heroclix), board games (Settlers of Catan, Axis & Allies, Tsuro).

I also am a beginner Corseteer, and I love fashion relating to it. I really love body art, and I'd love to delve into body painting. 3D printing and tech is really cool, and fusing it with fashion and art is an interest of mine.

Feel free to @ cool stuff my way!

Hello, everyone!
What games are you playing?

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