When the Mastodon web client shows "TRENDING NOW" hashtags on the bottom right, how much of the Fediverse is being analyzed to determine those hashtags? Just posts from users on my own home Mastodon instance?

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Chatting w/a friend last night, we agreed that one of the biggest scams of the contemporary era is convincing millions of people that they have the exact same mental health struggles (anxiety/depression) for wholly personal, and not systemic/structural, reasons. Good one. 10/10

Search for the keyword "collaboration" on Pixabay and its all second rate corporate stuff and not a single image of ttrpg play. ttrpgs should *own* the word.

This is quite an ad.
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Louisiana ranks 50th in crime, 48th in education, and 46th in health care. I’m running for Congress to stop this race to the bottom because our children deserve better.

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give me artistic delusions of grandeur over venture capitalist delusions of creativity any day

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If you're an aspiring writer in New York, "write what you know" is a book about an aspiring writer in New York. If you're an aspiring ttrpg designer, making what you know is a ttrpg that unlocks players for human interaction and creativity.

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@thejaymo @springvillager ... dialogue of your conversations with the characters you interact with in the game.

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@thejaymo @springvillager ... consider options. The phrase I'll use in the zine is "write to find out". Write sentences that question you. "Who could this person be?" Don't write like you're writing something for someone else to possibly read.

And write...

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@thejaymo If you're thinking like that you're going to love the zine I'm writing about playing them.
My recommendation is Last Tea Shop by @springvillager.

But write like you do when you write the . Write forward to find your answer to the prompts. Write sentences that..

I would say: immersive journaling games are to writing as truth is to art.
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I mean this as a good thing: solottrpgs are to writing as paint by numbers is to art

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Been thinking about one of the last lines in @_chelsea_martin’s TELL ME I’M AN ARTIST: “Making art is my way of tricking myself into believing that the past is something I can continue shaping.” Profound AF, tbh.

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Like a vein is incomplete without blood flowing through its walls, your engagement will prove vital to this visceral game. Sign up below, and join us as the first among the crowd to see the crowdfunding launch come to life!


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Here is a piece of art from Dianne Romaine (California) titled Ewww, valued at $700.

We are heading out from Denver now!
His second time tabling anywhere 🙂
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View of PPLD Penrose Library from Cascade looking down Pikes Peak Ave to where KCH is! t.co/ejK26WPihF

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a slander page after the acknowledgements page for the people who have wronged me

If you play enough journaling games it's only a matter of time before you learn witchcraft and have encounters with fae.

The reason it seems like more people are designing small ttrpgs than playing them is because this is what you look like when you're in the throes of designing one.
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New art? New art!! 🥰
✨🌊 Water Mage 🌊✨(personal work)

And I'm going to do it again with Honey Heist by @dvaleris

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Honey Hex digital files have been distributed to Kickstarter backers, which means that the itch store is now live, too!

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