Merrick Garland closing in on his first 100 days in office. Can't say I'm impressed with the achievements.

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When students learn the full scope of history, good and the bad, and that, as Arendt said, most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil -- they may have greater expectations for the present. They may sense their place in history and make a choice.

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The values of patriarchy are buried in the very plots of our stories. New plots are needed.' — Karen Joy Fowler

Accept a one film villain role in the MCU, or hold out for an offer of a multi-film hero role?

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• You always play by the rules, except when you don't.

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• The world is wondrous and interesting, but also an emotional trap. You should know better.
• Horrific entities are awake and active in your ruin.
• Despite this you still have hope. It is possibly unwarranted, but you try not to think about it.

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How to Tell if You're in a Paul Czege RPG:
• You work for someone. It's surreal, or sometimes disturbing or grindingly awful. You don't know how you found this employment or why you do it.

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It doesn't matter what industry I'm in, art gets second shift to writing or development every time, and I don't know how to say it any louder: art IS game design, art IS worldbuilding, art IS storytelling and art IS a potentially incredible collaborator to have on any project.

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This amazing team of generous hearts and spirited minds + 97,151 (!) individuals raised $902,262.01 for @unrwausa / @UNRWA. These funds couldn't have come at a more needed time. Thank you to this wonderful community @Tybawai @itchio

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It's happening in AN HOUR (9am NY / 2pm London)

Hold on to your seats, because it's a deep dive on aesthetics in ARC, aesthetics in the tabletop industry.

... was negative. And over the past couple of weeks the trend has been -47% to -53%, and the number of positive cases has been dropping. So I knew it would hit green soon.

Vaccines work.

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... cases. The pandemic could be getting worse and worse and worse, but as long as it's not getting worse by more than 25% the indicator would stay green. But in practice that never happened. The trend never modulated to a shallow increase. As soon as it wasn't increasing, it...

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I hated when Colorado added a higher purple tier (which doesn't show on these indicators as they appear on the schools COVID dashboard), so they could justify re-openings if indicators were in the red. I've hated the trends one the whole time, because it allows for increasing...

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Here's what the indicators looked like in early November as they were ramping up to bring the kids back to in-person classes.

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... November for in-person and I had to decide whether to send my son back or keep him remote. I sent him, but the 3rd to 5th graders only got a week and a half of in-person before they switched them back to remote because of escalating cases.

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I've been watching them almost daily since they were launched last year, and they were all red at that point. I've taken lots of screenshots of them over the months of the pandemic. I have a screenshot from late October when the schools said they were going to re-open in...

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Today, Friday, June 11, 2021, the Denver County COVID-19 indicators are all green for the first time ever. This is how they look on the Denver Schools COVID-19 Dashboard right now.

Update: We just added ~250 more games to the Palestine Bundle. It's now at 1272 projects.

Maybe go buy it while you can?

Kiddo: "Daddy, what does MILF mean?"
Daddy: "Goddammit, it means no more YouTube!"
Kiddo: "Nooooooo!"

I love the wonderful post-coital wreckage of these hotties.

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