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THE DOIKAYT PDF IS UP ON ITCH!!! you can now download doikayt: a jewish ttrpg anthology, and if you can't afford the cost, you can claim one of the many community copies donated by our generous kickstarter backers!!! link in next tweet ✨✡️

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A couple of my authors have started to include therapy scenes with their characters and I'm so here for it. Let's normalize therapy and discussion about mental health in real life and fiction.

Daddy: Kiddo, you weren't listening to me!
Kiddo: I was listening!
Daddy: Then what did I say?
Kiddo: I don't know.
Daddy: You weren't listening!
Kiddo: Daddy, forgetting is not the same as not listening!

You can come back and play again, if you want. You can leave your character if you want. The GM is prepared with extra characters if someone fills your chair and you don't leave yours for them.

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But fusing old school open table culture together with safety tools feels like a super productive thing.

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Then everyone transitioned to closed games, and tried to get the same group of players together for it.

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"Open Table" culture like that is super old school. It only went away when the Dragonlance modules were published and people in the gamer zines like Alarums & Excursions started talking about gaming epic fantasy narratives with the same persistent group of characters.

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... didn't make it every week, it was no problem. It was how the game got popular. High school kids who knew about the college games would show up and that was how they learned how to be gamemasters. And then they would run the game for their classmates.

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Back in the 70s there were college board game clubs that had weekly board game nights. When D&D was published, college dudes started running it at the board game nights. They would run it as an open table. Anyone could show up with their character and play. And if you...

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"Open Chair" is clearly similar. You can step away, if you're feeling sensory overload, and come back later if you want and you feel up to it. But it also feels like, if you know you're done with the game, it could give someone else an opportunity to step in. I like that idea.

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"The Door Is Open" (Open Door) safety tool is cool. It says you can leave at any time. It's about the gamer taking care of themself and exiting.


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Did you see the "Open Chair" safety tool in Sin's game Lutong Banwa? I think it's a super interesting safety tool.
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Get your hands on this game about finding ingredients from Spirits and recipes from old civilizations.
Expansion coming for in January 30, 2021! Support


... have about an eighth cup of crushed corn chips in them. Cross your fingers.

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The kiddo asked for corn muffins. Out of the blue. He must have seen a reference to them somewhere. Well, we had just less than a half cup of white cornmeal, not enough for a half recipe. So rather than trying to do 2/3 of an egg again, I looked up cornmeal substitutes. These...

If you are the family of a ttrpg designer, they will make a game about you.

If you fuck a ttrpg designer, they will make a game about you.

If you game with a ttrpg designer, they will make a game about you.

If you are the elected representative, or boss, or colleague...

Don't mind me, I'm just looking at the current Roblox Ready Player 2 promotion and thinking about all the twelve year old kids who are huge into 80s nostalgia.

I wonder how this tracks to national averages. 42% of respondents have never had a surgery under general anesthesia. I'm at four, and I'd already had two by the time I was twelve. Both of those were hernia repairs.
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How many times in your life have you had a medical/surgical procedure that both:

1. cut into the tissues of your body
2. and, you were unconscious under general anesthesia

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I have a new book coming out this month called The Elusive Shift. It's about what the early adopters of the 1970s thought it meant for something to be a role-playing game. If that sounds interesting, you can read more about it here: playingattheworld.blogspot.com

Okay Baker Street detectives. So I'm making a double batch of peanut butter cookies and (on the left) failed to double one ingredient. Then adding the ingredient to not quite 2/3 of the remaining dough gave the imperfect result on the right.
What ingredient did I mess up?

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