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A horror fiction anthology with only one rule: cell phones work and do not get lost or stolen

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I truly mean this, by the way. Not just my favorite rpg writing but my favorite writing. The RRD folks, @zedecksiew @DyingStylishly @PaulCzege—I’ve been as happy to discover their work as I was years ago to discover Kelly Link or Amelia Gray or Grace Krilanovich or so many others

"We can determine how close we are to someone by asking, 'Can I act like a little kid in front of that person?' When we love someone, we feel like a little kid in our heart." - Haemin Sunim

You know if you truly love someone if you feel you can act like a kid with them?

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The winner of this year’s @DianaJonesAward is @nibcardgames!

😦The problems I most notice when I'm reading someone else's fiction are the ones I struggle with in my own. Too many adverbs. Forced setting and situation explications. Philosophical detours. Unlikely eroticism.

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P.S.S. if someone could write one with romantic/social themes set in a coffee shop... I would play the shit out of that.

Are you newish to podcasting & doing lots of editing to remove your ums, hesitations, false starts & whatever?
What experienced podcasters do that's easier is add a bunch of stutters and hesitations to who they're interviewing, and then no one notices their own smaller mistakes.

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@randbot @Olegnad_Nosaj A few years ago I did a tag cloud of the stat names from 156 RPGs I own. If I had known someone else had published the same data from their collection I would have merged it in.

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Talking Mechanics and Worlding With Paul Czege | World Running

I spoke with Games Designer @PaulCzege abut the emerging concept of World Running.
We discuss the end of play as narrative destination + more thejaymo.net/2021/09/14/mechan

How about a fun giveaway? First who names the RPG I used the sheet from for the image I'll give the pdf of any one of my games you want.
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We are all characters in search of the ttrpg and sheet that can bring us alive.

We are all characters in search of the ttrpg and sheet that can bring us alive.

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I'm up for Narrative Designer of the Year for !

To be frank, awards like these actually matter, because they give me leverage to do my job.

If you like Bluebeard's Bride HoloVista, etc. and want to help me keep making magic this is it!


... best games inspire and provoke and unlock players in interesting ways. People are interesting. We often just aren't that good at bringing it out of each other.

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... maybe my best ability as a designer. I work hard at it. My games bring energy to player interactions. Their systems are based on my lived understanding of human creativity and collaboration and connection. My...

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... do it a bit. But mostly it's too late. Mostly I'm just exhausting.

Except when it comes to games.

There's lots of ttrpgs and larps that just throw players into the deep end, and they either succeed or flail on their own outside abilities. Not my games. It's...

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... enabling other people to feel interesting. Be a good listener. Be an appreciator. Reflect back to others the things they want to believe about themselves. If you want to be someone people want in their sphere, enable them to feel interesting. I know it now. And I can...

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