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“[W]hen something that is not your thing blows you away, that’s one of the best things that can happen. It means you are something more and something other than you thought you were.”
–Dave Hickey

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This thread/review/play report made me so happy 💕 Lutong Banwa was such a feel-good game to make and I'm glad this is the experience it offers. twitter.com/PaulCzege/status/1

Also, a frisbee makes a nice, portable dice tray for outdoor gaming.
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Playing @diwataMANILA's Lutong Banwa with the kiddo. It's 68 glorious degrees outside. Couldn't resist. t.co/nqO3aiM5QA

So, games where you draw a card or roll on a table for a random situation, or journaling prompt? Usually they eliminate used options or you roll again, so you don't get duplicates.

But can you tell me one that does something different and interesting if you roll a duplicate?

... he says, "I need to get sticks for the skewers," without hesitation.

It was fun. There's a chance it'll be the first rpg/storygame he asks me to play again.

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He doesn't love making characters. He flounders at having to invent things like a name, and the secret he knows from Nanay Saging, and wants to avoid doing them. "I don't know. I don't know." But in the game he's into it. I'll ask him what he needs to do next, and...

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... get good bamboo for the skewers themselves. He convinced a cranky farmer to give him tomatoes. And then he made a nice meal for his friend. He never failed at one roll.

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He was a Tamawo named Milk, who had a recipe for mushroom skewers he wanted to make for a friend. He found a spirit in the woods who agreed to help him find the mushrooms. He had to cross a slippery log across a stream to get them. Then he had to swim to an island to...

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Playing @diwataMANILA's Lutong Banwa with the kiddo. It's 68 glorious degrees outside. Couldn't resist.

Pandemic productivity is waking in the middle of the night and you can't fall back asleep so you write 400 words on your phone, and half the time in the light of day it's pretty good.

Other times you become certain there's problems beyond your ability to identify them. And that's the worst, because you can't figure how to set it aside. All you can do is twist in your head and gut and wait for it to destroy you.

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Sometimes with a game design project you're forced to accept that you can't solve problems you've identified. It hurts, depending on how much you care about the project, but you set it aside and you get over it.

Little stresses definitely add up quick. Bleh.

Here's an easy cut and paste.
Find when a creator told you about or gave you their work and say:

"I like this."

"It's great. Thank you."

Something like that. The bar is low. The impact is high.
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Talk about each other's creations, hype that underappreciated designer with a really memorable RPG, teach others how to play your favorite indie narrative game. Reinforce and reward behavior that actually builds a goddamn s…

Body horror isn't usually my thing, but the worldbuilding on @AlexRinehart_'s Gratitude really clicked for me, so I just backed it: kickstarter.com/projects/20183

Just 71 hours left and it hasn't hit either of its stretch goals. Check it out:

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@PaulCzege @infinite_mao @coilingoracle @Maharhar What a great conversation! Loved it!

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A Kiss Under the Parasol, by Czech painter Luděk Marold (1895). In private collection.

If you get a new RPG, and it lacks rules for lovemaking, that doesn't have to be the frustration it once might have been. These ones I designed are entirely self-contained, and so can readily be added.
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Did you see @fuseboy's concept? Make self-contained mechanical subsystems that aren't too long, and groups can mix & match for a custom game experience.

I made one:


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