Playing @diwataMANILA's Lutong Banwa with the kiddo. It's 68 glorious degrees outside. Couldn't resist.

He was a Tamawo named Milk, who had a recipe for mushroom skewers he wanted to make for a friend. He found a spirit in the woods who agreed to help him find the mushrooms. He had to cross a slippery log across a stream to get them. Then he had to swim to an island to...

... get good bamboo for the skewers themselves. He convinced a cranky farmer to give him tomatoes. And then he made a nice meal for his friend. He never failed at one roll.


He doesn't love making characters. He flounders at having to invent things like a name, and the secret he knows from Nanay Saging, and wants to avoid doing them. "I don't know. I don't know." But in the game he's into it. I'll ask him what he needs to do next, and...

... he says, "I need to get sticks for the skewers," without hesitation.

It was fun. There's a chance it'll be the first rpg/storygame he asks me to play again.

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