This has probably the best logotype I've ever made.
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I've been trying to write a game for @mfgamesjam, but I can't bring myself to cut it down by 75 characters to satisfy the jam requirement, so here it is the way I like it at 355:

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Howdy Partners! I’m looking to hire a POC with mastery of Powered By The Apocalypse for a small gig. Someone who knows the finer details and how to make it sing. It’s pays .10 per word for 2-3K. PM or email me if you’re interested. Let’s ride!

Wonderful thread.
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Thread time!

Meet Mary Burchell, one of the most successful romance writers EVER. Over 110 Mills & Boons to her name.

Got an image of her in your head now, right? Bin it.

Because Mary is a Righteous Gentile.

She wrote books to fund her efforts to help Jews escape Nazi Germany

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I just finished making this set of vintage-inspired printables for character journalling, and they came out so dreamy - I am IN LOVE <3

Yeah, I have two more written, but not yet released.
Spin the Battle, and
Truth & Reason

I'm so consumed by it currently. I think the embedded constraint that the only thing tying the systems together is the state of the fiction is just an interesting design constraint to me.
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To my knowledge, there are now eight published modular RPG rule sets, covering sex, quitting, snobbery, dreams, competitive cooking, fi…

What's the word for excluding trans kids from sports to keep them *fair*, but then the whole rest of your legislative agenda is rigging every aspect of society, money, and politics to favor your own race, gender, and economic interests?
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My friend Jon Joy wrote a respectful letter to WV Senator @markrmaynard asking him to vote against a bill that would prohibit trans kids from playing sports. This was his reply:

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This is both genuinely funny and absolutely the correct way to update the Red Skull for the 2020s. I mean, Hydra would also be selling 'health' supplements & asking for donations for a 'free speech' alt social media platform as well

I really like the Catfish. If I run a multi-session fantasy game this year I'm going to use them a lot.

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If your body mounts a strong and fast immune response, then the virus doesn't have a chance to accumulate many mutations.

If your body has no immune response then the virus doesn't need to evolve massively to bypass it.

But the problem is when the response is slow and weak...

.@momatoes shows off more of her @itchio make-over:
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An alternative @itchio UI, now more fully fleshed-out. I think it looks easier on the eye and has better discoverability.

Key features:
➡️Spotlight on user-made collections, which is one of the best Itch features
➡️Adding variety and sections to break up monotonous grids

Took longer to dry them in the oven than I expected from online advice, but... panko bread crumbs.
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Well, I can cross "grating a whole loaf of bread" off my bucket list.

Well, I can cross "grating a whole loaf of bread" off my bucket list.

And of course they loved it. Dad knows some stuff.
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Daddy: "Hey, kiddo, this is the house where the kids always draw with chalk. If I draw your shadow with ears like this, the kids will think it's the Easter Bunny's shadow."
Kiddo: "They will think the Easter Bunny was murdered."
Daddy: "What? Who taught you that? No they won't."

.@momatoes mocked up a really pretty @itchio make-over:
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I love how @itchio makes it easy for indie creators to add games and join jams, but I really disliked the clunky , especially the front page.

So as a small project I made a front page mockup.
Why not dream of a colorful, discover-friendly layout :)

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