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not to be a jerk but the game skin I wrote for @trollhands absolutely slaps and takes arthurian myth to the ozarks, with panthers who talk to ghosts, queen red wolf who hunts the old king, and a preacher who makes the land sulphuric with his sermons

In case you missed it yesterday, there's new rules for battles and they think like me.
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I just released my second system. It's called Spin the Battle. What if battles were actually terrifying? Check it out.


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Have you seen any of Paul's modules? They are inspired, fun, thoughtful, and entirely Paul--go check them out on his itch page. Like, now! twitter.com/PaulCzege/status/1

The only input to any given MOSAIC Strict system is the state of the fiction, and the only output from it is changes to the state of the fiction in the shared understanding of the group. It's a super compelling constraint to me, and it's taking me into fun design territory.
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Fascinating... (and I love the title). twitter.com/PaulCzege/status/1

My first was A Lovemaking for MOSAIC Strict, when I thought other people were probably making systems for car chases and wilderness survival and battles and sorcery.


But actually no one made one for battles. You knew you could count on me though?

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I just released my second system. It's called Spin the Battle. What if battles were actually terrifying? Check it out.


In the early years of RPGs, gamemasters ran open games. If you knew of a regular game someone was running at a weekly board game night at Berkeley, you could show up and probably play. And regular players sometimes didn't make it and the game happened anyway.
It wasn't until Dragonlance convinced everyone they wanted an epic group story and needed a persistent cast of characters that it changed.

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How about some ?

I think by far the hardest thing for RPG gamers is being able to look at a game's mechanics and procedures and perceive if they're inspired and good.

Looking for playtesters for Women are Werewolves:
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So I'm looking for playtesters for Women are Werewolves, a game about being nonbinary in a highly gendered werewolf family environment. If you are interested, please fill out this form: forms.gle/x7gimXLpLpSPiXd99 @9thLevelGames

I made a small necromancy ttrpg once called The Near Dead. (It had a problem in playtesting I never solved.) I had a necromancer antagonist when I ran Trollbabe. It was a theme when I played The Hour Between Dog & Wolf. I wonder if I have another necromancy game in me...
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The amount of time I spend between having an idea, and doing the thing is VERY little. Anyway, here we are…

A chargen system for ! Increasingly you have enough systems to actually play a game.

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New module: Caretaker! Want char gen for your MOSAIC strict game? Then Caretaker might be the module for you. Your Traits, Aspects, and Knacks document who your character is, and you periodically Reflect on how well they still represent you. gamemaru.itch.io/caretaker

This has probably the best logotype I've ever made.
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I've been trying to write a game for @mfgamesjam, but I can't bring myself to cut it down by 75 characters to satisfy the jam requirement, so here it is the way I like it at 355:

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Howdy Partners! I’m looking to hire a POC with mastery of Powered By The Apocalypse for a small gig. Someone who knows the finer details and how to make it sing. It’s pays .10 per word for 2-3K. PM or email me if you’re interested. Let’s ride!

Wonderful thread.
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Thread time!

Meet Mary Burchell, one of the most successful romance writers EVER. Over 110 Mills & Boons to her name.

Got an image of her in your head now, right? Bin it.

Because Mary is a Righteous Gentile.

She wrote books to fund her efforts to help Jews escape Nazi Germany

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