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It's misogyny to mention a woman designer's health history in an article about her work if her history isn't the basis of the work. As if the work itself isn't enough and you feel entitled to juice your article with her life too. You'd never do this to a male designer.

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The Diana Jones Award Committee has opened up the inaugural Emerging Designers Program to outside nominations. If you know a new designer who should be recognized for their excellence in design, please let the committee know by the end of June!

At some point someone's going to include a creature from The Clay That Woke — the Urwicga, Awad and Malena, the Stag, the dolphins from Beluga's dreams — in their game of Traverser, and I will seriously consider retiring from game design.

Makes me wish I could play it again in Italian.
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The wizards at @DoveNessun actually did it... They printed The Magus, in Italian. It's so beautiful.

My kiddo and I do this all the time.

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It's getting warmer and more inviting outside. So, why not bring a TTRPG outside to play?

If you're looking for some suggestions, here's what I've got:
For romantic getaways:
For quiet, solo walks:

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@juhanaonparas @PaulCzege I love this book! So evocative. And yes, "the setting doesn’t empty into any single meaning or interpretation".

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My rpg reading / study project A Game Per Year is at 2014 with @PaulCzege 's hauntingly original The Clay That Woke!

I've been following a few indie fiction publishers lately and sitting in on a few online author readings and I really like it. There's something really cool about hearing a story being read in the author's own voice. I wish I could come up with something similar to host for indie RPG designers. But most RPGs don't have much immersively readable sections.

Well, this request for attention was a little hard to refuse.

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Cultural consultants are not limiting our work, but expanding our work. They allow creative people to explore complex themes with nuance and thoughtfulness. Rather than fill you with fear, they should fill you with hope and a sense of freedom to tackle tough topics with care.

finally gets control of himself, and then makes me scroll back.
"She has such a cursed name!"
And then he's giggling uncontrollably again.

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My nine-year-old is supposed to be falling asleep, but instead he's watching over my shoulder as I scroll Twitter.
Then suddenly he's cracking up giggling uncontrollably. So much it's making me laugh too.
"Stop," I say. "you're supposed to be sleeping. What's so funny?"
. liminal constructs with uncertain futures.

I love the big bundles on itch-io. There's always a few games I'd never have encountered any other way that just collapse me into the moment of themselves.

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You know how on the playground one kid says, "Hey, let's roll these tires and see which one's the fastest" or "Let's play house, but you're Dr. Fauci and I'm Naomi Osaka"? Leading edge games always feel like that, always feel like they're born of the moment, like they're...

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"Fighting only the battles that you know you will win is a sure way of ensuring you lose. Preemptive surrender, in a rapidly consolidating autocracy, is permanent surrender."

When you add up everything, pandemic, climate, murder-politics, police crimes, capitalism, etc, is the world better in 2021 than 2020?

People's efforts to build relevance out of clever untruths.

A possible game for the jam.


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Stuff on my mind a lot lately:

The willfully sorry state of safety tools for fiction, and what better ones might look like.

The inherent truthfulness of our wordless languages and unspoken communication as compared to word languages.


Mechanical transgressions, as a game designer, violations of game mechanical traditions, are way easier on my nerves than story violations of moral and cultural traditions.

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