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Might as well do an . Hi there, I'm Kyle (she/her), and I'm mostly going to be using this as a space to talk about games I make, tabletop or video games I like, occasional rambling about wrestling or reality. You can browse through all my things at:

I don't know if one can or should turn The Circle into a tabletop game...

Friends, today would be an excellent day to buy indie rpgs over on by designers from the Philippines. They all got some rough news and could use some love.

Trying something new, different, and exciting with a slowfunding campaign for Knowing Revenge of the Grasping Gods! It's a system agnostic adventure of thieving and escaping from a series of surreal deities and will be one of my first game works ever available in print:

Hi, new followers! If you want to see what I really think about roleplaying game design, you should read & play The BLOODY-HANDED NAME of BRONZE!

It’s a demon-haunted world where everything is how it is because it wants to be, and you can convince it otherwise.

It’s also my best-ever game design that I released the weekend the world closed in 2020. Oops.

There’s a lot of sexy animal-headed gods and petrified giants.

I'm excited because I'll be running Council of Seasons for this month, which is a hybrid between social deduction and MUN in a fae-esque society. I wanted to go back to my roots, to assassin games and Crisis, and make this a BIG game.

I know a number of the folks I follow, and who follow me, are game creators who are listed on So I wanted to tell you that I'm creating a Caltrop Core co-op bundle! The only requirement is that the game you created was made for the Caltrop Core Game Jam, 1st or 2nd edition!

You can sign up to have your game included over at:

The first actual play (not including me) of one of my games is going to come out soon and I am a bucket of n e r v es

Do you need some bizarre and surreal illustrations of vaguely medieval monstrosities to populate the pages of some OSR or weird fantasy game-thing you're making? Well, Les songes drolatiques de Pantagruel may be just what you need.

New Black Armada Tales episode! We dig further into the rise of our dystopia. This episode features the Sliders, possible future rebels against the system. We also see the authorities' brutal crackdown and the heroic journalists struggling to get the truth out.

It’s almost the end of the month, and the Autism Acceptance Month bundle is ending tomorrow! Last chance to support autistic creatives in the only ways that matter (listening to them and giving them money directly) and get a bunch of games and goodies!

I am excited to get started on making your friendly neighborhood spider mom for A Beast's Burden because

1) Friendly spider!
2) Spider spawns other spiders with special abilities - parasitism, explosion, confusion!

The crew behind the lovely Rolepayer’s Guide to Heists is doing a Kickstarter for a collection of cults. They did good work last time so no reason to believe they won’t this time.

Alright, my first time trying promotion on Mastodon...

I've just released a new game called A Beast's Burden! It's a solo defense game, where you play a Beast of Legend fighting off waves of hunters. Between each wave you'll have the chance to upgrade your stats and unlock new powers for use against the next! Think of it like a reverse Monster Hunter.

Right now it's in Alpha, meaning there's a lot more content to be added, but it's exciting for me!

And it's over at:


I am a story reviewer for Imagine 2200, a #climatefiction & #solarpunk contest seeking #sciencefiction stories that show a path to a clean, green, and just future. (Or just show what it's like to live in that future!)

Feel free to message me with any questions!

🌅 Submissions close on May 5th! 🌄

Full guidelines at:

As well, the way it takes tropes and leans on them not only as a tool to propel the plot forward, but also to create character dynamics and tension because of the varied breadth of "trope" knowledge between them? Between those savvy to fiction and proactively make smart choices, and those who do not and struggle to express themselves? And, most importantly to me, understanding that the AUDIENCE knows these and doesn't swerve from plot developments for "shock factor"? It's great!

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It was a simulation designed to help one grow and experience life, even if it's a fictitious and small scope version of life. The friendships made there, the lessons learned, values protected and beliefs had - they MATTER. And more than that, those lessons learned in that simulation will be the catalyst that will TRULY save the world.

THAT is the strength I want to bring to my future games. This love for the players and the game. That each will nurture the other, to create better people.

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At the end of the game, you find out the world everyone was in was a simulation, Matrix-style. But it doesn't feel stupid. There is a place and a reason for it to exist, and for the mechas to exist. It involves a developer cutting corners due to wide scope of the work required by lifting assets from preexisting software in some fun meta commentary.

But at no point am I, the player, made to feel stupid or angry at this revelation. There is no "got 'em" moment.

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