redrew the map of OUB with no shading (yet). Also realized it looks like duck amuck.

It also ties in to my complaints about a lot of tv and anime, where everything is really good until you hit the end and it seems like it was just slapped together at the last moment.

Anyone else do this as a GM?

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I give some weird advice in METTLE, but probably the most idiosyncratic is the idea of thinking of how to end a game and revising it every session. This is something I first did because I had a player who was moving soon, and I didn't know when.

Every game I would be thinking of how to wrap things up next session, if need be. I feel like it made each penultimate game better but can't quite put my finger on why. When he finally left It did work - I ended the game smoothly and everyone moved on.

Rough map of Oub for Boned (an Eldritch Gambit adventure).

Future versions will be redrawn and fancier, this just gets the space mapped out to make finishing the module easier.

TBH its hard to call them reviews, and I went with "impressions" instead. I'm not keen on ratings and just mentioned what I thought was interesting about the games.

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Just mentioning I have a blog where I did reviews, but they were poorly received on twitter (read: invisible due to algorithm).


Sol Survivor:


Should I start reviewing again on a platform like this where people actually see my posts?

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"Is X a Y" type arguments ("Is this game a roleplaying game" "is a hotdog a sandwich" etc) are almost a waste of your time, because they fundamentally don't understand how language works.

There's no universal taxonomy of things where items can be slotted into. All categorization systems were artificially created by humans.

So "is a hotdog a sandwich" depends on the context in which you're asking question. Why do you want to know, and what taxonomy are you using to make those decisions?

I've published several games on my own but am very excited for the day I do some collaboration or spring for an artist or editor. I think that will be my next step.

Modeling some Robotech/Macross mecha in METTLE Core as a blog post and pleased with how smooth it is. Of course the early scene of the veritech in guardian mode smashing through a building kind of makes it clear you can't just model its durability on a modern aircraft.

This is Jake Eldritch of Planarian Games, author of Clown Helsing, Eldritch Gambit, METTLE Core, and others.

If we're mutuals on twitter or elsewhere feel free to hit whatever button or doohickey follows on this platform. I haven't sat down to figure it out yet.

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