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Hello. I'm Troy, host of the Plus or Minus Podcast. On the show I explore the gaming engine and games developed with it (like , , Psy-Punk, Blood in Space, The Princess Bride, etc.). You can listen @​

Is the Venn Diagram of people who love and people interested in and Small Press a dot that is me?

do i know anyone over at who can shoot me an invite?

survival of the able lets you tell stories about folks struggling with disabilities in the inacessible middle ages, also there are zombies.

@olde_fortran howdy, i was trying to make a new acct on but i think i mistyped the email. Is there a way to fix that? Or does the system purge unverified accounts after a certain period?

Heads up to my 51 followers (geez folks, bring a friend), im working on rebranding and launching a new podcast. I wanna talk about the indy/small-press RPG scene. So i wont stop talking about Fudge and Fate, ill just start talking about lots of other great games too.

just got my copies of Misspent Youth and its supplement Sell Out With Me. He's going out of business so get them while you can!

There's a blog post I'm remembering about different kinds of player and character knowledge, and how to do knowledge checks in an OSR game. And I can't find it again. Sound familiar to anyone?

(1) crab-like forms have evolved in a number of unrelated organisms
(2) we can therefore assume that whatever life may exist elsewhere in the universe would have its own crab-equivalents
(3) given the resulting high density of crabs in the universe, it's probable that you are already a crab

I think I'm once again going to be purging my D&D stuff, even though it's from the TSR era, because frankly I'm getting tired of their current stewards

Is there any interest in a that discusses, analyzes, reviews, and interviews the creators of Games?

my girlfriend is still selling some pride pins/keychains/necklaces if anyone is interested.

"Cyberpunk was a warning, not an aspiration."
-Mike Pondsmith

Im trying to figure out how i can do a Fudge 101 series for Plus or Minus. An annotated live play might be best, but since i dont have reliable players its not ideal. I could as lways script and do silly voices but i dont think thst would appeal to anyone.

The first DCC zine in german. I really loved helping to put this together. #pnpde #dcc #zine

RT @DissidentRPG
We've got one day left before we go live and we wanted to show you our beautiful cover made by the fantastic @GoblinPrincete.

We'll be launching on @DriveThruRPG & @itchio tomorrow, with the sales going directly to the National Bail Fund Network

Ive been sick for a few weeks, sorry for the lack of shows.

Had a Socially Distant Fried Chicken Picnic with a bunch of other writers yesterday.

Discovered that I need to write a zombie novel, but framed by the Paulist-vs-Thomasian schools of early Christianity.

I'm gonna infuriate *soooo* many evangelicals. :flan_stars:

BECMI covered all the power levels that earlier and later editions would cover,
And it never had delusions of being anything other than a "hitting things and taking their stuff" simulator.

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