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Hello. I'm Troy, host of the Plus or Minus Podcast. On the show I explore the gaming engine and games developed with it (like , , Psy-Punk, Blood in Space, The Princess Bride, etc.). You can listen @​

Repeat after me! "You can just house rule that" is not a defense, it's an admission!

Chronic Bronchitis for a month has been killing my ...

but with the African Spirit Magic system from A Magical Medley. Magic and powers come from alien spirits entering the universe through the gate.

@mwlucas I just realized that when you mentioned playing Fudge with cards I didn't use that as an excuse to plug my old YouTube review

If your doing anything with (, , Etc.) Or gear REACH OUT TO ME. I need to bank some podcasts and I want to plug all you beautiful people. If you are interested in Fudge... give the show a listen.

Please boost

Started out with a solo without because I didn't see value in it, now I see value in being able to boost and Fudge-based stuff but cant find four-ish who can play after 10 pm PST on fridays or Saturdays. Such is life.

Gatekeeping is bad. But please take a deep breath and repeat after me “Pointing out category errors is not gatekeeping!” Stop it with the knee jerk reactions and read what people have actually said.

So 2019 has come to an end. Here's a few numbers for you from One Shot Saturday.

We've had 45 game sessions this year.
The average player number was 5.
The total number of players was 240.
The number of unique players is 56

Here's looking forward to more gaming in 2020

Just saw that Robin Williams was a fan... WHY WASN'T THERE A SR MOVIE IN HIS LIFETIME! We missed out on him playing a rigger doing zany voices for his drones!

@mwlucas howdy. Gatecrasher is still Awesome, any chance I could get some of your time to talk about it on my Podcast?

"The DM should never hear a character say 'A bunch of corpses are exactly what I want.'"

#dnd #OutOfContextDnD #HitNAbyss

Anybody else hankering to play a ? I love a bit of weird west, or a space western, but sometimes I wish strait up historical westerns were more popular.

These are the new Q-Workshop Red . Anybody notice some issues with them?

About to play #FudgeRPG Survival of the Able with Jacob Wood of and the folks at might toot about it as I go.

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