These are the new Q-Workshop Red . Anybody notice some issues with them?

@Plusorminus Other than being like most Q-Workshop dice in that it's almost like having a tabletop CAPTCHA to figure out what is on the table?

@Plusorminus Wait, is the CP supposed to be a 1 or the highest value on the dice?


@craigmaloney also terrible (little silver inked mirror shades would have been classy) also not it. Imagine you were going to play Cyberpunk 2013/2020/red with these.

@Nentuaby @Plusorminus I'm not as familiar with it, but yeah, that would be kind of like having a World of Darkness set with this. 😁

@MoeT as far as I know it is. Not that anybody actually plays with q-workshop dice.

Q-workshop: Dice kids can't afford and adults can't read.


You aren't wrong. :D

I won a set of elven dice once, I tried to crayon them to make them more readable and that was a mistake, just made it worse.

They do make my favourite set of Fudge dice though.

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