I dont think it's that weird that I'm the only , but i think it's odd, considering its popularity, that there are no dedicated podcasts. Aside from a few live plays that played a or campaign I haven't found any active ones.

@Plusorminus You got me curious, and yeah, there's a deficiency here. There's also a temptation to ask the folks at the Powered by Fate podcast why they didn't go more than one episode from last year.

@LurkerInDorkness most podcasts podfade. I've almost done so myself a couple of times. I think they probably had issues coordinating cohosts. I cover fate a bit because "Powered by Fate" is itself "Powered by Fudge" lol.

@Plusorminus I did a little introspection on the subject, and while I have a lot to say on the subject, I'm not sure how long I could keep it up or how many would listen. Both seem like significant factors. Plus, I know from experience that my apartment near the airport is recording hell.

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