Any ttrpg developers out there working with Fudge or Fate interested in coming on my Podcast to talk about the stuff they are doing?

@patmax17 @Plusorminus

I am an Italian indie role-playing games developer and – along with Antonio Amato and Daniel Comerci, the other two authors – I’m writing “Tirnath-en-Êl Annûn” (“Wardens of the Western Star”), a world of adventure for “Fate” set in the heart of the Third Age of Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

It is a fan-made game which speaks of friendship, war, despair, hope, to fight for a right cause, and to make hard choices.

The game is in Italian and in playtest:

@Plusorminus Yes, when I have something to playtest.

Call me back in 5 years. 😁

@craigmaloney honestly I'd love to have you on to talk metal... just gotta think of an excuse :P

@Plusorminus You could have me on as the guy that designs Role Playing Games and doesn't regularly play them. I'm like a cryptid hunter's dream.

@craigmaloney I could, or just to talk about how hour organizing and developing the project with Floss. Honestly talking about the interplay of Metal and RPGs over the years could be fun... but I think mostly just for me.

@Plusorminus Could talk about music and RPG licenses. Not that I'm an expert but I have some experience in that area.

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