Who (other than me) creates non-DnD Podcasts?

Please boost. Im dropping most of the DnD podcasts im listening to and looking for replacements.


I like these podcasts that rarely (if ever) talk about D&D:

Yes Indie'd Podcast
Just Played, by Jim Crocker
Design Games Podcast from Will Hindmarch and Nathan Paoletta
The RPG Design Panelcast
The Farrier's Bellows
Bored Ghost (actual play)
Liberation Industries (actual play)
Across the Table

@nickwedig @Plusorminus Thanks for those podcasts. I've thought of an RPG to a point myself but when it came time to start assigning numbers to things, I kind of froze, so I may listen to those design podcasts to get an idea how to move the idea forward more.

@Plusorminus In my podcaster right now are Wildcards (Deadlands), The Tales of Kirby City (Fate), Bohemian Galaxy (Savage Worlds), Resting Glitch Face (Shadowrun), and The Happy MonsterCast (Rifts). There are tons of others, but those are the current ones I follow.

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