Repeat after me! "You can just house rule that" is not a defense, it's an admission!

@craigmaloney I've wished I could find a way to buy the RPG rights to that series since forever!

Chronic Bronchitis for a month has been killing my ...

but with the African Spirit Magic system from A Magical Medley. Magic and powers come from alien spirits entering the universe through the gate.

@Yoric creating anything cool? Bringing any fun stuff from fudge material back into your game? Tips? Questions? Material you wanna draw attention to? I HUNGER!

@craigmaloney @mwlucas someday I'll get my GF to help me make a Fudge Deck. I think that's technically legal so long as the design is different.

@mwlucas I just realized that when you mentioned playing Fudge with cards I didn't use that as an excuse to plug my old YouTube review

If your doing anything with (, , Etc.) Or gear REACH OUT TO ME. I need to bank some podcasts and I want to plug all you beautiful people. If you are interested in Fudge... give the show a listen.

Please boost

@kasshelfant as in being a soccer fan vs a soccer player. Saying that someone who doesn't play soccer isn't a soccer player is not gatekeeping. Saying they cant become one might be.

Started out with a solo without because I didn't see value in it, now I see value in being able to boost and Fudge-based stuff but cant find four-ish who can play after 10 pm PST on fridays or Saturdays. Such is life.

Gatekeeping is bad. But please take a deep breath and repeat after me “Pointing out category errors is not gatekeeping!” Stop it with the knee jerk reactions and read what people have actually said.

@craigmaloney gurps is a bell curve centered on ~10 fudge is a sharp bell curve centered on 0. Fudge has a range of plus or minus 4 whereas gurps goes 3 to 18 which is about plus or minus 8 but otherwise it works out similarly.

@craigmaloney somebody said that Fudge is basically gurps -10 and it blows my mind...

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