Interviewed Bradord Younie about the design of his two Fudge Based RPGs. Now Playing is setup to help you run Campaigns like a TV showrunner, and the Unexplained pillages the claims of real life Paranormal investigators to tell Horror Stories. Listen here

Started a Facebook group. Not encouraging anybody to use facebook but if your already there give it a look.

Hey folks. Podchaser is donating to Meals on Wheels for every review on the site. Please consider taking the time to give Plus or Minus a review on the site and share it here with the tag. Thank you.

@mwlucas have they moved past doing their Gary Vaynerchuk impersonations yet?

I talk to Russell Collins about some of the interesting mechanics coming up in Tears of a Machine 2nd ed. Especially a clever new way to use .

A botched encounter: last nights game had a crazy hermit wizard, supposed to be more than an obstacle. Once the party faced him though, I decided, his lightning bolt would be just too harsh, it would have insta-killed one of the PCs. But then I woefully misjudged the reach of the parties mounted fighter. Two failed initiative rolls later, the party just punched that wizard into submission and even anihililated the djinn I had planned as a backup ... gotta learn hi level OD&D encounters ...

@klaatu currently a one shot butif there is interest maybe more. But it would be the same day/time on successive weeks.

I want to run some Mindjammer (Fate Core) 2-5 pm pst this saturday? Looking for 4-5 players.

@mwlucas if it weren't for the clear danger it would present to their dependents and the general public I'd be all for letting them test their gods protection from the virus.

@wandererbill @simp I mean die roll distribution wise. 3d6-10 gives you -8 to 8 with a nice bell curve over 0. Obviously gurps is a roll under system so it's not the same.

@wandererbill @simp you probably sense the weird Gurps roots of Fate. Fate was built out of Fudge, and fudge was created by a dissatisfied Gurps gamer who brought over some ideas. Someone explained to me once that Fudge is just Gurps -10 and its blown my mind...

Anybody want to play some Mindjammer transhuman Fate core TTRPG Saturday 2-5pm pst? Probably over discord.

to built connections/community so you can actually run the obscure you love is a terrible idea.

@tenthousandworlds I was looking over some of your materials, and it may be superficial, but do I detect a bit of influence from Fudge/Fate?

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