@WanderingBeekeeper not yet, ive been ramping up to do a new podcast focused on the indie scene so its on the list. i just had to read quest, mutants in the night, and Misspent Youth. Chinese Lapsang is great, the cheap russian stuff tastes like liquid smoke lol

Is the Venn Diagram of people who love and people interested in and Small Press a dot that is me?

@SvenFatale naw i just misstyped my email when creating an acct for my new podcast and the acct name is more important than the server.

do i know anyone over at tabletop.social who can shoot me an invite?

survival of the able lets you tell stories about folks struggling with disabilities in the inacessible middle ages, also there are zombies. accessiblegames.biz/survival-a

@olde_fortran howdy, i was trying to make a new acct on dice.camp but i think i mistyped the email. Is there a way to fix that? Or does the system purge unverified accounts after a certain period?

@craigmaloney oooh do with what? please say cow dragons! please say cow dragons!

@WanderingBeekeeper the second i looked it up i remembered it. what was the indie game.

Heads up to my 51 followers (geez folks, bring a friend), im working on rebranding and launching a new podcast. I wanna talk about the indy/small-press RPG scene. So i wont stop talking about Fudge and Fate, ill just start talking about lots of other great games too.

@mwlucas pulling weeds is "domestic"? time to update the resume.

just got my copies of Misspent Youth and its supplement Sell Out With Me. He's going out of business so get them while you can! misspentyouth.robertbohl.com/s

There's a blog post I'm remembering about different kinds of player and character knowledge, and how to do knowledge checks in an OSR game. And I can't find it again. Sound familiar to anyone?

@esvrld using carcinization to fix the ontological argument, i approve.

(1) crab-like forms have evolved in a number of unrelated organisms
(2) we can therefore assume that whatever life may exist elsewhere in the universe would have its own crab-equivalents
(3) given the resulting high density of crabs in the universe, it's probable that you are already a crab

@Canageek Tunnels & Trolls has piles of adventures, and loads of Solos for self isolation.

@GlowingLantern @craigmaloney yeah but its not even so much that, in the DMG and PHB they parrot language used to justify racism when they describe non-humans.

One that comes to mind is a passage that says orcs could have an alignment other than evil if they are taken from their culture as children... also just the whole idea of an all evil sentient species is lazy and stinks of othering.

There are less lazy ways to create conflict without invoking the specter of the North American genocide.

@GlowingLantern @craigmaloney Now with how they treated Orion Black and how they continue to do nothing about Mike Mearls, and also how they handled (or rather refused to) their toxic fanbase from attacking critics of the games language around race until it hit info wars and they gave lip service to fixing it. I just think folks need to move past them.

So long as D&D is at the center of the hobby they'll continue to behave this way.

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