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"The DM should never hear a character say 'A bunch of corpses are exactly what I want.'"

#dnd #OutOfContextDnD #HitNAbyss

Anybody else hankering to play a ? I love a bit of weird west, or a space western, but sometimes I wish strait up historical westerns were more popular.

These are the new Q-Workshop Red . Anybody notice some issues with them?

About to play #FudgeRPG Survival of the Able with Jacob Wood of and the folks at might toot about it as I go.

I decided to split up my mastodon like I did my bird site. So...

Dad jokes, general nerd stuff, podcasting, SDF love, Occasional Politics.

Official toots from the Plus or Minus #podcast, #RPG, #TTRPG, #Fudge #Fate #Icons #Dice

Official Toots from the Tea Jay's Garden Podcast, #Gardening, #Science, #Botany, #STEM.

So follow me based on what you wanna hear and reply/@ me if you wanna be followed for these.

Hello. I'm Troy, host of the Plus or Minus Podcast. On the show I explore the gaming engine and games developed with it (like , , Psy-Punk, Blood in Space, The Princess Bride, etc.). You can listen @​

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