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The mysteriouse origins of the mighty Saguaro explained by @SKenson from my interview in the latest episode of Plus or Minus!

Just posted my interview with Steve Kenson, who is The Man when it comes to . We got into the development of , a little bit of Mutants and Masterminds, and even some .

New episode up, "Gatecrasher Believe it or Else". It contains a few issues with Gatecrasher I didn't think to ask Michael Lucas about, and a review of "Believe it or Else" ceck i out:

Getting some great celebrities to endorse the . Here is the intro to next weeks episode, it drops sunday night so make sure you subscribe to have it ready for your commute... is running a kickstarter for with a musical theme, including a set of . It's already funded but you can still get in on it.

Trying to work out what kinda content will help me grow the audience. Boost if ya love me!

I'm currently working on a follow up episode to delve deeper into so now is a great time to give my interview with Michael Lucas a listen.

in is an issue that affects us all in one way or another. Check out Accessible Gaming Quarterly, an RPG Zine by friend of the podcast Jacob Wood on @Kickstarter only 2 days left!

I'm setting a goal that next year I'll be able to run a livestream pledge drive event to fund my podcast for a year. I mean if PBS can do it...

I killed my Wordpress install. If I blog about gaming itll be over at goes strait to the podcast page at buzzsprout. You can still join the discord at to talk about the show or Fudge (Fate/Icons/etc)

Unfollowing another era creator for posting BS makes me realize, just because someone wrote something I liked decades ago doesn't mean I need to give a flip about them now.

Allowing hate speech in a venue you control is not a free speech issue. It's an issue of the kinds of speech you are willing to host and support. Unless you have a monopoly or punitive powers over venues of expression, the bigot can find other places to express their hatred if you close your venue to them. You are not supporting freedom of speech by allowing hate speech in your venue; rather you willingly associate with and support hateful expression.

My doctor told me to get some bed rest, anybody know of a good 2hr stream featuring the most vanilla 5e game you've ever seen? Bonus points if they are all beardies desperately trying to be "the funny one ".

I wanted to get an ep out this week but it doesn't look like that's happening. My month long persistent cough turned out to be pneumonia. Sorry guys. Plus or Minus will return when I get better. If anyone has an idea for a guest ep nows the time.

I dont think it's that weird that I'm the only , but i think it's odd, considering its popularity, that there are no dedicated podcasts. Aside from a few live plays that played a or campaign I haven't found any active ones.

Repeat after me! "You can just house rule that" is not a defense, it's an admission!

Chronic Bronchitis for a month has been killing my ...

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