There's a lot I can't quantify or properly describe about my huband's experience as an adjunct professor/our experience during that time. But I did put together a snapshot of what the driving/commuting costs looked like compared to the pay...

Just wrote a blog post...

"Encountering Bigfoot in Children’s Nonfiction, or, a Crisis of Taxonomy"

a true story. Non-fiction. I swear.

My decade(s) old lead holder cracked and broke last week, so I tested out my fancy new one with some Wolf Neighbours thoughts on my pocket sketchbook. The built in lead pointer is Not Hecking Around, folks.

Last 12 hours of the Kickstarter and only now do I think of calling the game's genre wolf & wizardry. What's the frustrated with self emoji?

Well we're in the final Wolfspell stretch now and I can't believe what a whirlwind two weeks it's been! We've got 31 hours left if you were looking to get in on the kickstarter and take home a beautiful trifold LP sized edition of the game!

We've mentioned that the Wolfspell Kickstarter ends this Sunday night, right? Don't miss your chance to own this epic game in this epic format!

The 🐺 Kickstarter ends this Sunday, so if you ever wanted a role-playing game about adventurers turned to wolves published on a TRIFOLD ALBUM COVER, then your moment has arrived!

At 11am, I'm going to be playing Wolfspell live on twitch! Come hang with me and an amazing crew of folks over at ActualPlay:

verizon has a new ad campaign with the slogan “first responders answer the call, our job is to make sure they can get it” which is a bold angle to take a few months after you publicly got caught throttling firefighters’ internet access during a huge wildfire

We're funded already! Thanks so much everyone, I'm so excited we get to make this outrageous game-on-an-album-cover a reality!


@Portablecity has just given us our first glimpse at what the final 🐺 will look like. The art on the cover is still a work in progress, but look at how it’s progressing! Imagine this beast standing before you, one foot tall and a powerful three feet long!

Still very much a work in progress, but a portent of things to come!

The Kickstarter, only 9 days left:

You've been seeing all these excited but vague references to "Wolfspell" and "kickstarter" and "trifold LP case" but what, really, is going on, eh? Well I wrote up a nice long answer for you! Take a look here:

Folks, I just spent the better part of an hour zooming in on the details in the latest update @Portablecity sent me for the cover of 🐺! This is going to be something you'll pull out on a rain Sunday afternoon and just stare at, inch by inch.

Gonna post some gaming-related stuff... for folks interested in playing tabletop RPGs as humans who've transformed yourselves into wolves for a serious quest, @Epidiah's Wolfspell is on kickstarter. Epi's running a solid, short KS without lots of stretch goals or over commitment, to bring the game into the world. A+ concept. And awesome art by @Portablecity

Planning and scheming for the new year over at

Still snowing. Still outrageously gorgeous up close.

The 🐺 Kickstarter has begun!

Transmogrify your flesh into that of a wolf!

Howl and lope with the pack!

Secure your very own copy of the first tabletop roleplaying game printed in the liner notes of a record album jacket.

Featuring the epic art of @Portablecity!

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