We're talking wolves while I draw wolves! Join @Epidiah and I right now to talk Wolfspell! youtube.com/watch?v=CPNBhzNZRo

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If you want it gone you (the site owner) need to opt-out manually from your hosting console: igorkromin.net/index.php/2019/

so hi i just got fired.. now would be a real good time to support a broke trans girl. you can find my games at fadingroots.itch.io and buy me a coffee at ko-fi.com/fadingroots. would definitely appreciate a signal boost.
my games, if you wanna by them, include Exodus, a game about sad trans angels on the run, and Wreckage in the Ring, about giant robot wrestling.

Here's another study of a wolf drawn for Wolfspell! We're creeping ever closer to the Kickstarter date - keep an eye on @Epidiah's feed for details!

Another warmup sketch of a wolf, done in Clip Studio Paint for @Epidiah Ravachol's Wolfspell, coming soon to kickstarter!

Another Posca bearowl! Can't stop won't stop.

Short study in CSP from a Carl Brenders painting of some shaggy arctic wolves, for Wolfspell!

Alright folks, gonna be streaming right here, adding to my sheet of wolves: gaming.youtube.com/user/portab

So this is a cool thing: this month I handed in my very first freelance writing assignment! I've got others in progress, and none of them are announced yet, but regardless: that's pretty darn cool!

Matt picked up some new poscas and let me summon a poscan owlbear 💕🦉🐻

Tonight i saw Into the Spiderverse with @goshdarnheck and my cousin and his 5 year old son, and at the amp up scene to the climax the five year old pointed at Miles Morales and said "I love him!" and it was the best.

Also, Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus, my two dark visual novels about surviving societal misogyny and the birth of repressive governments, set on a mysterious derelict generation ship are currently just $2 for the whole set! store.steampowered.com/sub/321

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The statistic buried in this story - only 24 marijuana convictions were erased. That’s a tiny - & insignificant - number of the 20,000 people in BK w/ marijuana convictions eligible to be vacated.


Merry merry, mastodonians! I did a Christmas eve painting and it was very fun:

Bring your artists of:
- animal forms in a realistic but stylized way
- animals expressive in their face & with motion
- fulfill 9 duotone pieces by mid- to late-Feb.
Nonbinary, trans, & black artists & people of color preferred. Send portfolio to contactbriecs@ Gmail.

Paid gig! Ref KS tinyurl.com/TurnKS for an idea what we'd been planning. Willing to explore but this is what we have now. Duotone color palette is black & Pantone 354 C if that helps! Serious applicants only, please. Thanks!

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