@charlesrandall @nicknicknicknick Friends I wish I had something to share that there was any chance of you all enjoying, but honestly I've been focused on the cheesiest of fantasy metal this spring. Here's a tribute to Christopher Lee: youtube.com/watch?v=YcaGWPu-zD

@charlesrandall @nicknicknicknick There's like twelve eras of music womboed together in this band's sound and I ... can't ... decide how I feel about it? Like they took 90s alt rock vocals and mashed them up with screamo techy post-emo guitars and I ... I am so conflicted! They're really neat, thanks Charles!

@charlesrandall @nicknicknicknick Yeah this was cool! Kinda Alcest-ish with much more aggressive vocals.

@nickfourtimes You've sent me on a google quest to find out why and friend, I've learned something tonight.

@platypus "dont' worry about privacy violations, these folks are vulnerable and thus ... deserve... it?" AUGH.

There's a lot I can't quantify or properly describe about my huband's experience as an adjunct professor/our experience during that time. But I did put together a snapshot of what the driving/commuting costs looked like compared to the pay...


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