Team #DS9 for Life:

tng: welcome aboard the starship enterprise, a luxury cruise ship drifting among the stars. our crew contains notable elements of Diversity and our captain gets pegged by an omniscient being from another dimension. enjoy the soft jazz concerts, shakespeare performances, and infinitely powerful holodecks at your leisure

ds9: hop aboard Station On Fire Trash Can bitch. does our shit work? no. is this a safe place to live? fuck no. senior officers include Space Dad, Lesbian Terrorist, Trans Worm, Goo, Dr. Twink, and Perpetually Confused White Guy. if you want to get dragged into an elaborate crime syndicate, contract a deadly space disease, or get stabbed in a barfight, you’ve come to the right place. also, holosuites are for fucking. yeehaw

Took some prettier pics of my pamphlet dungeon zine out in the world! No kudzu around me, so I had to settle for another vine-type.

kudzupunk, self-promotion, pamphlet dungeon zine completed!!! :herb: Show more

@charlesrandall @nicknicknicknick Friends I wish I had something to share that there was any chance of you all enjoying, but honestly I've been focused on the cheesiest of fantasy metal this spring. Here's a tribute to Christopher Lee:

@charlesrandall @nicknicknicknick There's like twelve eras of music womboed together in this band's sound and I ... can't ... decide how I feel about it? Like they took 90s alt rock vocals and mashed them up with screamo techy post-emo guitars and I ... I am so conflicted! They're really neat, thanks Charles!

@charlesrandall @nicknicknicknick Yeah this was cool! Kinda Alcest-ish with much more aggressive vocals.

@nickfourtimes You've sent me on a google quest to find out why and friend, I've learned something tonight.

@platypus "dont' worry about privacy violations, these folks are vulnerable and thus ... deserve... it?" AUGH.

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