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New public (aka FREE) post is up on my Patreon, summarizing current projects and progress. Have a look!

Guess what?
My new background bundle, Unfortunate Origins, is now live on the DM's Guild! It's PWYW, so why not check it out?

Remember to leave a review if you like it!


So sad! Alexa, play .

For characters with deeply troubled backgrounds, my Patrons now have access to the first draft of Unfortunate Origins, my bundle of 5 new backgrounds.


I'm thinking my next design project might be a little collection of backgrounds. What are some you'd like to see?

Sweet new art came in from Emily Chow (@celtisart on birbsite), the same talented artist who did the big cover piece that everyone loved on my Kickstarter for , the non-challenge-based fantasy RPG that I'll be releasing later this year.

Patrons get the first look at this awesome new art!


📌 Hi!
I'm Jacob, and I'm super into , so much so that I'm trying to launch a career with it.

I'm designing whole original 's (like , the non-challenge based fantasy RPG, releasing later this year), and also smaller projects (like content over on DMsGuild.com, such as the Mage-Knight class).

By supporting my work, you can get access to cool stuff like sneak peeks, art previews, early playtest versions, and more!



Hey y'all can you help me with my to-do list?

1) I need to settle on a name for my shonen-inspired adventure that I'll be Kickstarting soon. One idea is "Fists and Friendship", but still deciding. Thoughts?

2) Thinking of getting a title/logo design for the above game, need to know common prices and turnaround times. Where should I look?


The revised version of the Mage-Knight class is now live! I put a lot of work into revising both the class features and the spell list to improve both balance and class identity, and yet it's still free!

You know what else is free? Reviews. Please and thank you. ^_^

If you like it enough that you'd have used it even if it wasn't free, you can name a price on the site and support my work that way.

Thanks, hope you like it!

Want to see some cool new art for , the new non-challenge-based fantasy RPG I'm creating? Even if you missed the Kickstarter, you can get exclusive content like this by supporting my work on Patreon!

Also it helps me stay housed and fed.


Y'all might not know this, but I recycle 10% of my Patreon income back into the community by supporting other creators' Patreons. I just reached $80/month, so do you have suggestions for who could use a little support?

My preference is for those who are part of an underrepresented population, and/or whose Patreons are still small and struggling. I don't have much to offer, so I want to put it where it matters, you know?

And if you want to pump the numbers, here's mine:

(Boosts appreciated!)
Hey artists! I'm looking to hire someone to do some illustrations for a based on shonen battle anime (minus the sexism). If that sounds like your style, show me your portfolio and we'll talk details.

(Boosts appreciated!)
Hey artists! I'm looking to hire someone to do some illustrations for a based on shonen battle anime (minus the sexism). If that sounds like your style, show me your portfolio and we'll talk details.

Question for the Mastofam:

A couple months back, I floated the idea of an RPG based on shonen battle anime, complete with named attacks, canon-via-flashback, and strong themes of friendship. It got some positive response at the time.

What would y'all think of that being the next game I publish? Probably Kickstarting it in July/August.


If you missed the Kickstarter for , don't worry! You can still get exclusive pre-publication content (like this PDF describing how to play) by supporting my work on Patreon!

New post on my Patreon! Come talk to me about what sorts of games you'd like to see me design next!

(Boosts appreciated!)
Hey artists! I'm looking to hire someone for cover art for an upcoming TTRPG. It involves anthropomorphic dice adventurers.

If interested, reply with portfolio/examples of your work, and we'll go from there.

We did it! Journey Away is 138% funded! Thank you all so much!

24 hours left! Last chance to leave your mark on the setting! You can also secure your copy for less than retail!