>>> Day 1351, 03:54

Nomad #647 logging in. I've just entered a new planet's orbit. I'm going to name this one Abori IV. So far, the atmosphere seems OK, but I'll need to land to collect more data.

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Haven't heard from the other Nomads in weeks, my suit is showing signs of wear and tear, and my ship is going to need some fuel soon. Hopefully, this planet will have enough resources to keep me going.

- Signing out now.

I'm really digging working on this gameeeee!!! ahahah

@RPDeshaies This is real slick! Signed up for launch 👍

@RPDeshaies I'm curious, I've never played a solo ttrpg, how is it? I'll probably play it when it comes out but I want to know what I'm getting into.

@norea I guess it really depends on the solo game. Some games use a lot of random story prompts to guide you through the gameplay (like The Long Haul 1983 or The Wretched)

Others provide Oracles and rolling tables and are a bit more free form (like Ironsworn)

Nomadic is going to be more like the later. There is a core gameplay loop that you follow, use Oracles when in doubt to answer questions and use random tables to fill the world.

@norea like for example you arrive on a new planet. What's the terrain like ? What's the weather like ? is there any valuable resources here you can use ? You ask those questions and get answers from oracles (no and, no, yes but, yes, yes and) and rolling tables.

Nomadic also uses journaling features, as in you use a journal or a recording app on your phone to document your journey alone across the stars!

@RPDeshaies whoa, that seems so much faster than what I thought it would be like. I'm really sold in the idea, thanks.

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