Screen Shot X—A review of The One Ring Loremaster’s Screen & Rivendell Compendium, published by Free league Publishing for The One Ring: Roleplaying in the World of Lord of the Rings.

[] Bridge of the Duergar Cult—An of the Epic Encounters scenario for Dungeons & Dragons, Fifth Edition, published by Steamforged Games for Free RPG Day 2022.

La coordinatrice du prix Imaginales de la BD des bibliothécaires démissionne, suite à l'interview du directeur du festival et à l'éviction de la formidable Stéphanie Nicot…

Bref, les Imaginales, c'est du passé. :(

Low Cost and No Cost Board Games and RPGs

In this podcast segment, Sean and I highlight a bunch of good tabletop games we found for under $10US or $15CAD, as well as some great FREE games that are available out there if you know where to look.

I had a good time doing the RPGenesis jam a couple of years ago. It was timed exactly for when my wife and son would be out of town. I designed and wrote A Viricorne Guide in a week. It is the most publishable writing I've ever done in a week.

Ma petite page à moi avec l’essentiel pour jeter un œil sur ce que je fais, avec qui, et comment me suivre, me contacter, me soutenir… c’est par ici.

RT @DeusExMinima
The Indie Bundle for Abortion Rights had kind of a cool mechanism where creators could keep adding things even as it kicked off. There are now more than 1,100 items in this bundle, worth more than $5k retail.

Hey #rpg enthusiasts, #ttrpg lovers and #roleplaying friends.
I just started a new project and wanted to share with you the wip cover 😇

[] Homeworld: Revelations – Quick-Start —An unboxing of the Homeworld: Revelations – Quick-Start published by Modiphius Entertainment as part of Free RPG Day 2022.

: Ominous Crypt of the Blood Moss—A review of the Old School Renaissance scenario published by Oneiromantic Press for use with Necrotic Gnome’s Old School Essentials.

New Podcast Ep: 178: Reverse Engineering

We highlight some elements from video games that we would love to see more of on the tabletop.

After that, we review Lost Ruins of Arnak from Czech Games Edition and wrap up with thoughts on two-player Scythe and Rack-O.

If you want a more robust search tool for the Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds , here ya go:

Primal Quest by
Diogo Nogueira
is a weird Stone & Sorcery Adventure Game.

We'll be starting w/ the characters around a fire as a falling star hits Mother's Vale.

I've got an idea about the star...

But I have no idea if they'll find it or get to it or decide what to do...

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Since Mastodon is still very small and many users are quite new, it can be difficult to find like-minded people.

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You can now purchase Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds.

750+ indie games by 600+ creators for only $10!

Including ParisGondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying, Wanderhome, Apocalypse World, Glitter Hearts and more.

There are FOUR DAYS left to add your own game to the Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds!

Pret-A-Porter from Portal Games

Take a look inside the box for Prêt-à-Porter, an economic board game about the fashion industry.

This recently updated blog post suggests that video comments help bring traffic to itch pages:

In the abstract I'm tempted to make some videos, last year I somewhat enjoyed making one about my Mosaic Strict module:

But shifting from abstract to concrete, I have a hard time coming up with ideas for what to make videos about. Not sure what else to say about my own stuff, and not sure I have things to say about others' stuff that would be welcome.

We are people from all walks of life with one aim: To make it impossible to own a huge polluting 4x4 in the world’s urban areas.

How to deflate an SUV tire, with lentils:


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