Pret-A-Porter from Portal Games

Take a look inside the box for Prêt-à-Porter, an economic board game about the fashion industry.

This recently updated blog post suggests that video comments help bring traffic to itch pages:

In the abstract I'm tempted to make some videos, last year I somewhat enjoyed making one about my Mosaic Strict module:

But shifting from abstract to concrete, I have a hard time coming up with ideas for what to make videos about. Not sure what else to say about my own stuff, and not sure I have things to say about others' stuff that would be welcome.

We are people from all walks of life with one aim: To make it impossible to own a huge polluting 4x4 in the world’s urban areas.

How to deflate an SUV tire, with lentils:


I really love this 2d6 table design on top. 2d6 summed is 11 possible outcomes in a bell curve. A 6x6 matrix is 36 possible outcomes, all equally common. This is 21 possible outcomes, 15 of which are twice as common as the other 6. I need to use it for something.
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Wish I could read the Italian to know what the god of love has in store for me.

Je t'invite donc à aller jeter un œil à ce jeu atypique à tous points de vue, et si tu aimes ce que tu vois n'hésite plus : prends ton ticket !

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Since Mastodon has no equivalent of the Circles of Google+, we need other methods of finding like-minded people.

Here is a Google Sheet of users interested in #ttrpg . Add your own username if you want to connect to other tabletop role-playing gamers - and boost the list so that others can find it!

(Note: A number of alternate directories are listed in the Sheet as well - check them before suggesting new ones!)

#dnd #pathfinder #callofcthulhu #pnpde

I've been using the option to hiding all media by default on Mastodon (Preferences → Appearance → Sensitive Content → Media display → Always hide media) for three weeks and it's still great even though I'm back on my wifi, the data plan has reset and all of that. I think this one's a keeper.

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This clarifies a great deal about how I should be handling position in :

• Give controlled position to character acting on their expertise

• Players decide whether to take a consequence or re-approach on controlled rolls

• Rerolling (as risky) improves overall odds for success

• Position is built to cascade down the scale, with possibilities to re-roll until you fail on a desperate action.

been a little while but managed to get back into more TTRPG focused things. Created an horror artefact / horror prompt for IKO’s jam.

Seems to me that one way to bring more of the scene over to Mastodon would be to do things here that we aren't doing elsewhere, and make it known that we're doing those things here.

Announcing on Twitter or your blog that you're posting a thread of design posts or a actual play recap to, for example.

Birth control 

@SymbolicCity I misread the title of one of your games as Contraception for Durf. 😅

: Matrons of Mystery—an unboxing of the cozy mystery roleplaying game of deduction and roleplaying using Powered by the Apocalypse, published by Sue Savage.

Avis aux mamans/papas rôlistes, si vous ne l'avez pas, c'est maintenant... et si vous l'avez déjà, y a du nouveau stuff !

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