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For a taste of my convo style, I have my podcast appearances on my website in my bio, and this was my most recent podcast appearance where I talk about feeling weird about my job and maybe implying the Gospel of Matthew is antisemitc imperialist propaganda. It's a good time!

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take 2!
Hi! I'm Skip; I'm a boring corporate drone who tries to be fun on the internet to compensate. I'm in a few campaigns (as player and GM), I , and I'm part of some online communities for folks who grew up religious and still have a lot of thoughts about it.

Checking out the had been on my to-do list for a while, and the Muskodus moved that to the top of my list, and I'm liking what I see so far!

I'm explaining Guilty Gear lore to my therapist next week, aren't I?

I appreciate the attempt at solidarity but the way cis people feel like they need to write me an email every time they hear or experience an anecdote involving a trans person is weird.

"I saw a mother with a trans child at the mall today."

".....okay? Cool I guess?"

The way cats make biscuits is all wrong. You're over-handling the dough, kitty! The butter will melt! You're gonna get flat biscuits!

My phone crashes if I try to open a game while a podcast is going so that Pixel 6A announcement has me staring.

Really the best thing for the DnD movie to do would be a cut to the DM at the 70-minute mark going "Oh shit I just realized you're not supposed to be able to turn into an Owlbear" and then an argument over whether to let her keep doing it since it's kind of a plot thing now.

My Democratic Committee Comms director is trying to schedule a meeting via "what time works for y'all?" Email. This doesn't bode well for our general organization

Someone said "Cishet Asian man" and I heard it to the tune of "Secret Agent Man" and now that's stuck in my head and I feel slightly about it but it's also cracking me up.

What is it about me that attracts people who instantly feel the need to overshare? Why can't you just tell me your stomach has been upset so you can't do drinks before the movie?

I'm reading books about mutual aid and looking for some about LGBT civil rights activism history because that's where my mind's at when I'm not debating checking if asking the recruiters that message me if they can start looking for opportunities overseas.

Bayo 3 comes out right before my (knock on wood) last professional exam for my cert so I know how I'm celebrating that weekend.

I will forever hold that recommending people read Narnia in chronological order is absolutely deranged.

Prime Day was a pagan sale until Constantine got an Amazon Prime account.

Uspol, gloom and doom 

I am, for the first time, making sure I know what my plan is to leave the United States if it gets hostile enough towards LGBT folks or if it seems like collapse and civil war are imminent.

I don't know if I'll actually do it or where my "stay at fight" ethical duty ends but... I realize I need to have that option

#uspol #christianity 

Texas is pushing to bring back sodomy laws before they try and ban gay marriage. Congrats to the Side B folks I guess.

Replaced the hammered shell of my childhood Gameboy Advance SP and put a battery with 3x the capacity in it. Once I get a flash cart for this bad boy I think it's going to be my favourite handheld!

Once I get around to order a flash cart I think I might try a little #homebrew development :D

#gba #retrogames

Man I used to love chewy Chips Ahoy as a kid and I bought some for the first time in ages for a party and... they're kinda terrible?

One of the random things I'm finding harder to deal with is remembering conversations with my parents back before they were as radicalized and entrenched as they are now and feeling guilt for not being better at handling what I realize now were pivotal times when they were considering major political/ethical concepts.

Like, I was 14 at the time, it was in no way my responsibility or even realistic to think I'd have the chops for it, but I've been getting lots of flashbacks to those lately.

Discord was always distorted when using my Cantabile > VoiceMeeter setup so I always thought I had to just use the raw microphone feed for Discord calls. Turns out if I turn Discord on first, THEN VoiceMeeter, it works. Very strange.

Yesterday while preaching I got some chuckles and a couple audible sounds of realization and affirmation. Doesn't seem like much but when you control for the church being they might as well have been screaming and rushing the stage.

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