RT's appreciated. Players and GMs wanted for IGXCON 2020, July 11-12. Join us for great online indie RPGs. ipressgames.com/igx-update

RT's appreciated. Players and GMs wanted for IGXCON 2020, July 11-12. Join us for great online indie games. ipressgames.com/igx-update

Kiddo: "Daddy, would you like to live in Jobsylvania?"
Daddy: "What's Jobsylvania?"
Kiddo: "It's Pennsylvania, but with jobs."

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If your ttrpg story involves SYSTEMS OF POWER, it is a POLITICAL STORY.

Any decision you make with regards to power both in character and out of character is a POLITICAL DECISION.

If a game tells you that it is possible to talk your way past guards, this is a POLITICAL CONCEIT.

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The front page of The New York Times for May 24, 2020

... appreciate the things you didn't know you needed until afterward. Prometheus writes hype. Epimetheus writes reviews, and praise. We're in a world of mouldering art, unplayed games, under-compensated creators, because we're collectively letting Prometheus do all the talking.

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The moment you are born, you become a moving target for the world. You may be much more than this, but do you remember that you are a target as well?

Kiddo: What's that?
Daddy: It's a receipt with Donald Trump's signature on it.
Kiddo: That's Donald Trump's signature?!? It's bad.
Daddy: You think you could do better?

So many decades of fantasy novels preparing us for malevolent external threats and then it turns out the real threats were corruption, ignorance, elites, and ideologies festering among us the whole time.

I guess Arthur Clarke predicted comm satellites, so that's something.

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I'll be using days that better represent time in this era.


Add as needed Crysday, Napsday, Artsday, Whysday

I'd your aren't sure what day it is, discuss, especially if you find yourself stuck in a string of Whysday's.

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Amazon have stopped ordering books from publishers & suppliers. They are offering 2nd hand books instead. Or e-books. PLS, don't buy the 2nd hand books. if you don't read e-books, call/email an Indie bookshop or direct to publisher and order from them. Help us stay afloat
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One of my favorite game books to read is @PaulCzege@twitter.com's The Clay that Woke, not least because of how smoothly it weaves fiction and mechanics together. It's such a delight.

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Our season finale is Thursday, and starting today until 4/23, you can watch for free on @CBSAllAccess@twitter.com in the US with the code: GIFT. bit.ly/PicardGift

It's felt good to bring Picard back. I can't wait to reunite with our cast and crew for Season 2.

The cyberpunk body mod I want most now is a HUD tracking every project by my body to heal an injury or cure a sickness, with milestones and needed resources in plain English and projected completion date/time. Can someone get on this?

If you want to destroy an artist just change the world so rapidly and monumentally that you outpace their ability to finish anything.

Fuck this capitalism for making everything about money, and for making people expendable. Fuck this President for making everything worse.

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