Long Memory
a new trick for Swords Without Master

Before the Overplayer begins a new phase, you may demand the next phase be framed as a flashback, to events before the story began. Instead of the usual tones, the tones for this phase are Naive Optimism and Ominous Foreboding.

Yo, if you need RPG editing work done, I can definitely recommend @briecs. Going through their first-round edits on my game right now, and it's good stuff. Editing is *hard* y'all.

CLOSED FOREVER by @signalstation is a mini-RPG in about roadside attractions and failure in convenient brochure form.

You are: the owner of a roadside attraction in late-20th cen. USA. (Like a fiberglass dinosaur or something.)

You are: in over your head. But you have a plan.

Pay-what-you-want here:

Have you supported your favorite open source projects with small donations rcently?

Help out, lots of small donations can make a huge difference! You know those devs deserve a little support!

We watched the unhappy vampire through the store door.
"Should I invite him? They can only enter if invited."
"We have a large 'Welcome in' sign. He's invited."
"So why isn't he coming in?"
"Automatic door. The camera can't see him."
"Oh. Accessibility fail."
"Yeah. Go open it."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Openclipart.org has finally been [properly] replaced with freesvg.org

It's a site, based on Laravel, providing CC0 and public domain SVG files, including the 55,000+ we scraped from openclipart.org

#openclipart #svg #inkscape

My kiddo finished issue two of his comic to debut at . He's super hyped. If you're in the area come find his table and check it out 🙂
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Come on out to our first annual Pikes Peak Zine Fest this Saturday (10/5)!!! 📓📙📘 t.co/hM3AyvV0Tg

"Heroes who fight to keep the timeline fixed are...on a deeply conservative mission. They believe there is something inherently great about our past, and that messing around with it is both morally repugnant and destructive."

May I suggest the two best ways to celebrate Stanislav Petrov day are A: Declining to follow procedures that would launch nuclear weapons for spurious reasons, and B: looking for opportunities to do something good when not doing good would be easy. It's too late to thank him in person (he died in 2017), it's not too late to do good.

«Any fool can kill. Only the wise can heal. … Path of the Healer is a fantasy game with a difference. It is not about playing warriors, wizards or rogues in search of adventure, glory or treasure but nonviolent Healers wandering a war-torn land, looking for people to help and heal - the last bringers of Hope and compassion in a desperate world… The game is 100% nonprofit, with all proceeds going to charity: Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières.»

Just 200 words. You can do 200 words. I know you can.
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The 200 Word Challenge begins NEXT WEEK!

Are you ready?


Well, I asked someone to be my collaborator and she said yes, so we're on for this jam! It's @momatoes@twitter.com! I'm super excited about it.

Are you also thinking of doing the ?
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*banging pots and pans* GAME JAM! GAME JAM!


The Duet Jam is ab@momatoes@twitter.comborating and responding. It's about working together with people and responding to their work.

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