Dear lazyweb

Unfortunately, I find myself designing an RPG inspired by Tolkien. So I need some easy, beginner-level resources for constructing fictional languages. Any suggestions?

Tools that help with taking word roots and expanding then into plausible place names and people names particularly appreciated.

@Stalwart I enjoyed "The Art of Language Invention" by David J Petersen (the guy who turned Dothraki into a speakable language, along with some other conlangs). It's pretty much a guide for beginners about different aspects of language and what to consider when creating you own. I think it might be the sort of thing you're looking for.

@Stalwart "Unfortunately, I find myself designing an RPG..."

The story of my life, right there.

@Stalwart If you can lay your hands, by fair means or foul, on a PDF copy of Dragon Magazine #75, there are *two* articles on conlanging for beginners in it.

@Stalwart The classic web reference is's Language Construction Kit - which has been expanded into a book, available thru the usual book buying channels

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